8 ft kayak vs 10 ft kayak- In-detail Comparison

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Kayaking is a favorite sport all around the country. Some people use kayaks for professional kayaking, and some use them as their hobby. There are several shapes and sizes of kayaks that you can choose based on your necessity. Purchasing the perfect-sized kayak is essential to get the best possible performance along with longevity.

The main difference between 8 ft kayaks is shorter and narrower than the 10 ft kayak. The 8 ft kayak is also lighter and easier to transport. The 10 ft kayak is more stable and has more storage capacity.

You can get confused about which one to choose because of the number of variations available in the market. The comparison of 8 ft kayak vs 10 ft kayak will help you in decision making. Your purpose of using is the major decider about what size of kayak you should buy.


The Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Kayak


The cockpit is the place where you sit and then paddle kayak. This part of the kayak needs to be a bit open that you can sit comfortably. But it shouldn’t be much open that it doesn’t provide enough grip while kayaking.

Bow and Stern

In a kayak, the bow is the front side, and the stern is the rear side or tail. The bow needs to be thinner and pointy for gaining more speed. On the other hand, a wider tail or stern will provide much stability to the kayak while you are kayaking.


The sealed inside barrier of the kayak is known as the bulkhead, which helps for the flotation of the kayak. It also separates different compartments beside the cockpit and prevents water from entering. 


Tracking means keeping the kayak on the right track while paddling it. The more the kayak length will be, it will be easier to keep it on the right track.

8 ft kayak vs 10 ft kayak – In-detail Comparison

8 ft kayak
8 ft kayak  

The 8 ft kayak is the smallest one available and is mainly used for kids and small adults. It has the least speed, which can be both good and bad. Because of the lower speed, it becomes easy to turn the kayak in the direction you want. But the lower speed can make you suffer.

As the kayak stern is a bit wide, the 8 ft kayak is the most stable one. You can teach your kids kayaking as well with this smaller 8 ft kayak. The 8 ft kayak sit-on-top comes with a lack of gripping at the cockpit, but it helps you paddle fast. It is perfect for using in narrow canals, and carrying it on your minivan is also easy.

8 ft kayak


  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Perfect for kayaking in the narrow canals
  • You will get much stability while kayaking
  • It is possible to teach kayaking to your kids with it
  • Easier to carry


  • Less speed
  • Not suitable for adults

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10 ft kayak

The 10 ft kayak is the medium kayak and the most common one as well. When you get a 2 ft extra length, it will allow you to sit more comfortably and provide more storage. In this 10 ft kayak, you will get the availability of everything. 

It is easy to maneuver, maybe not as much as the 8 ft one, but more than enough to get your job done. You can kayak fast with it along with getting much stability. The extra 2 ft of length will provide additional tracking advantage during kayaking. You can carry it easily as well in your minivan or SUV.

If you ask how wide is a 10 ft kayak, I would say the range is between 2.5 to 3 ft.


  • Better turning capability
  • Much stability with a top speed
  • Advantage of tracking while kayaking
  • Easy to carry 
  • More storage


  • Not much useful for small adults and kids
  • It doesn’t have the top-most speed

Which One to Choose

If you are looking for a kayak for your kids or the adults will barely use it, the 8 ft kayak is the go-to one. But when you need a kayak covering all areas for you, then the 10 ft one is the perfect one to purchase. 

Comparing all the sides, the 10 ft kayak is more useful than the 8 ft one.

Fishing On A 10 Foot Kayak


When you are looking for a kayak, at first, get a better idea about what you require. If your kids are the main user, 8 ft kayak is capable of serving you. It isn’t the proper one for adults to use. On the other hand, the 10 ft kayak will provide more than average output in each section.

If you compare 8 ft kayak vs 10 ft kayak, the 10 ft one is the go-to for moderate use. But the 8 ft one is also capable of serving you in some conditions.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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