DIY Wall Mount Kayak Storage- A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you tired of your kayak taking up valuable floor space in your garage or shed? If so, a DIY wall-mount kayak storage solution might be just what you need. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to create your own wall-mounted kayak storage system, saving you space and keeping your kayak in tip-top shape. Let’s dive right in!

diy wall mount kayak storage

Why Wall Mount Kayak Storage?

Wall mount kayak storage offers a practical and space-saving solution for storing your kayak when it’s not in use. It keeps your kayak off the ground, protecting it from potential damage and freeing up valuable floor space. Additionally, having your kayak stored securely on the wall can make it easier to access and maintain.

Materials Needed for DIY Wall Mount Kayak Storage

Choosing the Right Wall Mounts

There are several types of wall mounts available for kayak storage, including brackets, hooks, and padded cradles. When choosing the right mounts, consider the size and weight of your kayak, as well as the type of material your walls are made from.

Additional Supplies

Besides wall mounts, you’ll also need:

  1. Straps or hooks for securing your kayak to the mounts
  2. Wall anchors and screws (if your mounts don’t come with them)
  3. A level, measuring tape, and pencil for marking the wall

Tools Required

To install your DIY wall mount kayak storage, you’ll need the following tools:

  1. Drill and drill bits
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Stud finder (if applicable)
  4. Ladder or step stool

Selecting the Ideal Location

Choose a location on your wall that can support the weight of your kayak and is easily accessible. Ensure there is enough space for your kayak to be stored horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference.

Measuring and Marking the Wall

Measure the width of your kayak and use this measurement to determine the spacing of the wall mounts. Mark the locations of the mounts on the wall using a pencil, ensuring they are level and aligned with the studs.

Installing the Wall Mounts

Drill pilot holes at the marked locations, insert wall anchors if necessary, and attach the wall mounts using screws. Ensure the mounts are securely fastened and can support the weight of your kayak.

Attaching the Straps or Hooks

Attach straps or hooks to the wall mounts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure they are properly adjusted to securely hold your kayak in place.

Securing Your Kayak

Place your kayak on the wall mounts, ensuring it is evenly balanced and secure. Tighten the straps or hooks as needed to prevent your kayak from slipping or falling.

Safety Tips for DIY Wall Mount Kayak Storage

  1. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines for installing and using wall mounts. 2. Make sure the mounts are securely fastened to the wall studs to prevent any potential accidents.
  2. Check the weight capacity of the wall mounts and ensure your kayak does not exceed the recommended limit.
  3. Regularly inspect the wall mounts, straps, or hooks for signs of wear and tear, and replace them as necessary.
  4. Avoid placing heavy objects or engaging in activities that could cause damage to your kayak while it is stored on the wall mounts.

Maintaining Your Wall Mount Kayak Storage

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your DIY wall mount kayak storage in optimal condition. Regularly clean the mounts, straps, or hooks, and inspect them for signs of wear and tear. It is also a good idea to clean your kayak and check for any damage before and after storing it on the wall mounts.

Alternative DIY Kayak Storage Solutions

If wall mount storage isn’t suitable for your needs or space, there are alternative DIY kayak storage solutions to consider:

  1. Ceiling-mounted pulley systems
  2. Freestanding kayak racks
  3. Outdoor kayak sheds or shelters
diy wall mount kayak storage

Benefits of DIY Wall Mount Kayak Storage

  1. Space-saving: Wall mounting your kayak frees up valuable floor space in your garage, shed, or storage area.
  2. Easy access: Storing your kayak on the wall makes it easy to access for maintenance and use.
  3. Protection: Keeping your kayak off the ground helps protect it from damage and moisture.
  4. Cost-effective: DIY wall mount kayak storage can be more affordable than purchasing pre-made storage solutions.

Potential Drawbacks of DIY Wall Mount Kayak Storage

  1. Installation: Installing wall mounts can be time-consuming and may require some experience with tools.
  2. Limited options: DIY solutions may not offer the same variety of features or aesthetics as commercially available storage systems.
  3. Weight restrictions: DIY wall mount storage may not be suitable for very heavy or large kayaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can wall mount kayak storage hold?

The weight capacity of wall mount kayak storage depends on the type of mounts used and how they are installed. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for weight limits and follow the recommended installation procedures.

Can I store my kayak vertically on a wall mount?

Yes, you can store your kayak vertically if you have the appropriate wall mounts and enough space. Vertical storage can be a great option for saving space and making it easy to access your kayak.

What type of wall mounts should I use for my kayak?

The type of wall mounts you should use depends on the size, weight, and shape of your kayak. Some popular options include brackets, hooks, and padded cradles. Always choose mounts that are designed to support your specific kayak model.

Can I store more than one kayak on a wall mount system?

It is possible to store multiple kayaks on a wall mount system if you have enough space and the appropriate mounts. Ensure each kayak is securely fastened and the weight capacity of the mounts is not exceeded.

What should I do if I can’t find wall studs to install my wall mount kayak storage?

If you can’t find wall studs or your walls are made from a material that won’t support your kayak’s weight, consider alternative storage solutions such as ceiling-mounted pulley systems or freestanding kayak racks. If you must use a wall mount system, consult with a professional to ensure the appropriate wall anchors and installation methods are used to safely support your kayak.


DIY wall-mount kayak storage is an excellent solution for saving space, protecting your kayak, and making it easily accessible. With the right materials, tools, and some patience, you can create a custom storage system tailored to your needs. Don’t forget to follow safety tips and maintain your wall mounts to ensure they remain in top shape for years to come.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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