Intex Dakota K2 Review – Best Budgeted Beginners Kayak

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During this pandemic, kayaking is a great outdoor activity where you can maintain social distance. An excellent inflatable kayak will be a handy option to make your water adventure memorable and enjoyable.

For such moments, Intex Dakota K2 is an ideal choice. It is a popular kayak among professionals and beginners due to its affordability and durability.

If you consider buying an inflatable kayak, let’s explore the specifications, features, benefits, and drawbacks through this Intex Dakota K2 review.

Intex Dakota K2 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Intex Dakota K2 is a great recreational kayak, suitable for camping along with other water adventures with family and friends. It is a budgeted option with 86” oars and an air pump, making it ideal for beginners.


Best for:Beginners
Dimension:10’3” (L) X 3’ (W) X 1’8” (H)
Weight Capacity:400lbs.
Product Weight:31lbs.
Material:Heavy-duty vinyl
Number of Paddlers:2-person
Inflation Valve:Boston-valve
Seat Type:Inflatable
Available Accessories:Hand pump, carry bag, 2-dry bag, 2-paddles
Intex Dakota K2
Intex Dakota K2

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable with grab handles
  • Straightforward inflation and deflation process
  • Affordable price tag that comes with all necessary kayaking accessories
  • Stability is improved with its short and long skegs
  • Pump and paddles are available, allowing its user to use it just after unboxing
  • Significant tracking and maneuverability
  • Much spacious that 2-paddlers can easily accommodate in this kayak
  • An ideal kayak for calm water
  • Highly durable, making it puncture-proof
  • Easy to paddle

The Intex Dakota K2 is full of all impressive features that make it exceptional from other inflatable kayaks. Let’s have a closer look at the in-depth discussion of the features.

Intex Dakota K2 Review


To ensure safety on the water, inflatable kayaks should be made of robust and rugged materials. You will love to know that heavy-duty and premium quality tough vinyl is used to manufacture this kayak.

This way, it becomes puncture-proof. This means paddling this kayak is always safe on the water. The impact at the bottom can’t do any harm to this kayak. At the same time, it becomes abrasion-resistant. Also, the construction helps the kayak to perform better in calm water. 

Unfortunately, vinyl-constructed kayaks are prone to puncture, especially when paddling in shallow water. It is advisable to paddle carefully when your kayaking session is in shallow water. Also, avoid areas where there is a chance of puncturing.

Similar to all other standard kayaks, it also has 3 separate air chambers – a 1-floor chamber and 2 side chambers. If you have 1 leak air chamber, the other 2 chambers will keep you afloat. Due to this feature, this kayak is nearly unsinkable.

Inflatable kayaks often provide the same benefits that come with traditional kayaks. Its inflatable I-beam floor adds extra stability and rigidity.

Overall, durable construction makes it a stable kayak.

Design & Weight Capacity

Many customers appreciate the design of this kayak. It is manufactured for 2-kayaker. The internal space is so spacious that 2-person can comfortably sit in this kayak.

Another important thing is, the seats are detachable. So, after removing 1 seat, you can go for solo kayaking. You will rarely find this versatility in other inflatable kayaks. Due to this feature, most paddlers prefer Intex Dakota K2. 

Moreover, you can enjoy great kayaking sessions with your friends, family, beloved ones, or pets. It is easy to paddle, so a beginner can conveniently learn how to ride solo. 

Furthermore, its weight capacity is 400lbs. Two average-weighted people can sit in this kayak without hesitation with their required accessories. With rugged and robust construction, kayakers will be safe all the time when kayaking it.

dakota review

Easy Inflation and Deflation Process

Many paddlers avoid buying inflatable kayaks because they think that the inflation and deflation process is challenging. You will love to know that, inflating and deflating process of this kayak is exceptionally effortless.

The truth is, you will never sweat to set up Intex Dakota K2 as it features Boston Valves. To inflate the kayak, follow the below steps.

  1. Remove the top cap
  2. Grab the included double quick hand pump and pump air into the kayak
  3. Once the kayak gets inflated, stop pumping
  4. Put the top cap on

The whole inflation process will take only 10 minutes to finish. Simultaneously, the deflation process is so simple. Simply, remove the top cap again and let the air out from the kayak. 

After defeating the kayak, you can store it conveniently too. When not in use, put it into the included carry bag and store it safely. Thus, no damage will happen to the kayak.

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Short and Long Skegs

One of the best features of this kayak is the removable short and long skegs. The skegs offer directional speed and stability in standard water depth. Even in shallow water, you can make fast and easy turns. 

Straight-line tracking will be confirmed because of the long skeg. In addition, making quick and comfy turns will be easier for the short skeg.

Lightweight and Portable

Although it is a spacious and 2-person kayak, it measures only 10’3” X (L) X 3’ (W) X 1’8” (H). Also, it weighs 31lbs. making it easy to carry a kayak.

More importantly, at both ends of the kayak, you will find grab handles and lines, allowing you to carry it comfortably wherever you need. As it is easy to do the hauling, you don’t have to worry about taking your kayak off the water.

Additionally, it can easily be carried in the back of the vehicle. 

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Required Accessories Are Available

An inflatable kayak requires some additional accessories. With cheap inflatable kayaks, these accessories are unavailable. This way, you need to buy them separately. This means low-priced inflatable kayaks are not cheap at all.

The great thing is, all the required accessories are available with this kayak. It features 2 paddles (86”), a double-quick hand pump, 2 dry bags with carrying straps, and a carry bag. So, buying those items is entirely unnecessary. 

As a result, your valuable time, money, and effort will be saved. Just after unboxing the kayak, inflate it within minutes using the double-quick hand pump, and you are ready to go into the water without much hassle.

Low Maintenance Kayak

Like all other kayaks, maintenance is also an essential part of an inflatable kayak. The good thing is, it is a low-maintenance kayak. After every kayak session, don’t forget to wash it with warm water, let it dry and use a kayak stand to store it.

Without a proper and basic maintenance process, it is promised to give many years of service. 

Reasonable Price Tag

Learning about its unique features, you might be wondering, it is a high-priced kayak. But the truth is, Intext Dakota K2 is a budget-friendly kayak. 

To buy this kayak, you don’t need to break your bank. More importantly, it is worth the price of a kayak. 

Critical Analysis

When kayaking in shallow water, you have to be careful because the bottom can get damaged. Also, it isn’t a very thick material, and operating in areas with rocks or sticks will result in holes. It would be best to keep a repair kit in the kayak and the other kayaking gears. 

Moreover, this kayak comes in Grey and Red color, which is not a good choice for long-distance visibility in the water.


Are inflatable kayaks stable?

Most inflatable kayaks are as stable as traditional kayaks. These kayaks also have a tipping point. Also, they have primary and secondary stability. However, if you use an inflatable kayak for fishing purposes, don’t forget to research before making a buying decision because some inflatable kayaks don’t support standing on them.

Intex Dakota K2 is suitable for whom?

If you are tight on your budget and looking for a beginner kayak, Intex Dakota K2 would be the best choice for you. This kayak is available with all the required gears that a beginner doesn’t require to buy the accessories separately.

It is great for a recreational kayak as well. Intex Dakota K2 is easy to use and has all the necessary features to make a kayaking session enjoyable.

Are inflatable kayaks worth it?

Over the last few decades, inflatable kayaks have become a popular option because of their durability and portability. Inflatable technology has upgraded a lot to ensure safety when kayaking.

Now people also use it for recreational purposes. Manufacturers use high-quality materials in the production to get many years of service from the inflatable kayaks.

Final Thought

From this Intex Dakota K2 review, we learn that it is an affordable kayak great for beginner paddlers. All the accessories are available with it. The hassle-free setup process and deflation method make it value for bucks.

Another worth-mentioning feature is the easy portability.   

If your requirement is an affordably priced and safe-to-use kayak, Intex Dakota K2 would be the best choice, undoubtedly.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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