Kayak Size For 6ft Person – Need to Learn

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While height and weight play a vital role in selecting a kayak, it does not directly affect the size of our kayak. Choosing a rightly matched kayak for a taller guy sometimes worthy. Excepting a lot of variation in a different kayak normally, the perfect kayak size for 6ft person is 12-14 ft where kayak types belong to recreational or sea kayak.

We gathered the bulk of knowledge on kayak length for height chart, stay with us. It will lead to an entire solution to your frequently asked question-

What size kayak do I need for my height? 

Kayak Size For 6ft Height Person

You can find those specific models (low, medium, high) in any kayak types such as recreational, touring, Sit on top, etc. Hence, if you are looking for a recreational kayak, you will find its three formats.

Larger paddlers have an issue with their longer legs often. Here a high-volume kayak has sufficient space to accommodate it. On the other hand, smaller paddlers are genuinely flexible with lower volume kayak as this version kayak contains a lower deck, so it’s easy to have contact with their hips and thigh braces.

Here is a list of 6ft Person kayak you can pick the best one

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Well, I’d prefer to high volume rather than medium volume Because it won’t cramp my long legs; sitting in a comfortable position will add extra happiness to paddling. Additionally, you need to add a bit of weight in the hatches for easy maneuvering.

I can add also you need to check kayak volume very carefully because you may feel one manufacturer’s medium volume kayak like another manufacturer’s large volume kayak.

What size kayak do I need?

Long vs. shorter kayak

If you are looking for a kayak for surfing or paddling at the indecent condition, you need a shorter kayak. Those kayaks generally suggested for recreational activity. If you want a good speed with better proficiency, a slightly longer kayak will truly fulfill your demand. Normally, people are used to exploring or touring with this type of kayak.

Wide vs. Narrower kayak

Kayak width is proportional to the stability of a kayak on the water. The wider the kayak’s width, the calmer the kayak. Additionally, it offers paddling or fishing in a standing position.

But a wider kayak does not mean an extended width as it makes your paddling troublesome through poor tracking and low speed.

On the contrary, for rapid speed a narrower kayak is prominent. It performs absolutely well in both smooth and choppy water conditions. Look at this general length and wide chart for different categories of kayaks.


Weight Capacity

The weight capability of a kayak is another most crucial factor in selecting the right size kayak. Paddling will become cumbersome if your boat is overweighed.

Kayak’s expertise suggests that- sum up your bodyweight by adding 150lbs and using that total weight to determine what weight capacity you need in a fishing kayak.

But if you are willing to use the kayak for recreational activities, then add an extra 100 lbs to your bodyweight to find your kayak’s perfect weight capacity.


It seems that almost all paddlers can adjust their feet at most standard recreational or sea kayak. Also, people who have a bigger foot like US shoe size 11 or 12 can happily rest their feet on legroom. But I suggest to check what legroom is available is that comfortable for your legs?  Some long paddlers who used to kayak greater than 12 feet complain that their feet pinched due to improper space. Additionally, it would be best if you looked onto the center console also.

What kayak length do I need?

Finding the right length kayak sometimes tricky. But if you have fixed your mind on where you are going to paddling (lake, sea, or ocean) and what kind of activities you are willing to try out like recreational, surfing, touring, fishing, etc. Then it would be easier to find the right length kayak.

6-8 foot

Top feature:

  1. White water kayaks belong to this category vastly. Those shorter kayaks have easy maneuverability.
  2. Absolutely perfect for children or teenagers. Those lightweight kayaks are very stable for them.

Features you may dislike:

  1. They have a lower speed comparatively than other size kayaks.
  2. Adult people could feel they are not comfortable with it.

8-9 foot

Top feature:

  1. Easy to maneuver and It turns swiftly that’s why it does better on the narrower river.
  2. The recreational purpose it could be an excellent choice for kids and beginner.
  3. They are truly stable. Also, those kayaks are very lightweight. Anyone can transport easily through pickup or SUV.

The feature you may dislike:

  1. If you are taller or have a significant weight, it would not be the best option.

10-11 foot

Top Feature:

  1. Those kayaks offer effortless paddling. I could also add up those are generally decorated for stability over speed.
  2. Normally 10-11 feet kayak comes with a rod holder. Additionally, this category kayak decorated with more storage, which makes them an ideal boat, both touring and fishing.

The feature you may dislike:

  1. Sometimes, you may find those kayaks with a shorter paddle.

12-13 foot

Top Feature:

  1. They have a high proficiency in the water. Also, those longer kayak offer high speed.
  2. Adorned with enough space. Therefore, it provides an unusual feature of fishing or gear.
  3. Finally, I could say paddling with this is like free. River to the ocean at any water condition you can use it.

The feature you may Dislike:

  1. If they come with a hand pump needs a minimum strength to use.

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Final Thought

Choosing the right size kayak for a 6ft person doesn’t depend on only height and weight. For making an enjoyable paddling, some other essential factors like legroom, storage, stability, speed, etc. need to take into account. Finally, what I should say narrow down your selection by taking consideration of the above point then finalize your decision. Have a great day on the water!

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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