Kayaking Arizona (Powell, Canyon, Salt River, Tempe, Saguaro, Bartlett, Pleasant)

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Whenever you are visiting Arizona, the great Grand Canyon will take its position at the top of the must-be visiting place list. However, Arizona is not only a city of the great Grand Canyon, and it has many lakes where you can kayak all day long during a warm and dry climate.

So, what are the best places to do kayaking in Arizona?

Well, let’s explore.

kayaking Arizona

Where are the best kayaking places in AZ?

The Grand Canyon State is full of adventurous rivers. Kayaking in both seasonal and regular rive is exciting in Arizona. Although seasonal rivers depend on melted snow and rainfall. Below are the best Arizona Kayak trips.

7 Best Destinations to Kayak in Arizona

  1. Lake Powell
  2. Grand Canyon
  3. Salt River
  4. Tempe Town Lake
  5. Saguaro Lake
  6. Bartlett Lake
  7. Lake Pleasant

Lake Powell, Arizona

Lake Powell, Arizona
Lake Powell is full of beautiful scenery and enriched geological history. Plenty of places are out there to explore. No matter your experience level, both beginner and experienced paddlers can spend quality time in this lake. Either you can go on a multi-day or a couple of hours of adventure, both options are available, the choice is yours.

Paddlers will spend an exciting time paddling through the Canyon of Antelope and Labyrinth Canyon to Lone Rock Canyon because of the breathtaking scenery.

Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department organizes different guided tours and group events. A portion of Tango National Parks is located on Lake Saguaro, a true marine that rents out a kayak. Remember, Marina kayaks don’t rent kayaks for kayaking on Roosevelt Lake.

However, with a personal or rented watercraft, you can have an enjoyable time with your family and friends on Roosevelt lake. In fact, paddlers need quiet, peaceful places to concentrate on kayaking, and the east side of the lake is well-known for Kayaking in AZ.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon
You came to Arizona and didn’t make a trip to the Grand Canyon, that can’t happen. After visiting the Grand Canyon, you can’t resist kayaking in whitewater.

The Grand Canyon is one of the 7 wonders in the world, and kayaking in this spectacular place will give you a different feeling for sure.

The Colorado River that flows through the Grand Canyon, is a popular kayaking place. The whole place is furnished with spectacular scenery that you will receive many unforgettable memories.

However, kayaking through the Grand Canyon requires Class 4 whitewater skills. Even if you are a new paddler, you also can have the same excitement kayaking since different tour organizers are organizing tour kayaking tours in the Grand Canyon. You might be interested in the post of kayak under 200.

Kayaking 50k Around Antelope Island | Lake Powell, Arizona

Salt River, Arizona

Salt River

The Salt River is full of excitement that will give you realistic wilderness just outer the Phoenix. If you want to enjoy an outstanding abundance of wildlife, without thinking twice, go on a tour of the Salt River.

Early morning and evening is the best time for Kayak in the Salt River because, during this time, the wildlife stays near the shoreline. The most important fact is, you will get a different view at different times in this lake and all the views are simply stunning.

When you think of the greenery close to the huge stunning cliffs, you will find the same ingredients in the Salt River. The most stunning feature of the Salt River is its calm water. Although the river is calm, slow running, and safe, it is always important to wear safety guards while kayaking.

Tempe Town Lake, Arizona

By damming the Lower Salt River, the 2 long urban Tempe Town Lake has been created. Many paddleboarders use this river for practicing, organizing racing championships.

The good news is that; motorized boats are prohibited from running on this lake. Thus, the whole environment is super quiet so that you can spend quality time with your family and friends in this lake. Your sunset paddling with your friends will become much enjoyable.

Tempe Town Lake, Arizona

However, while kayaking in Tempe Town Lake, remember that you can’t swim in this lake. It is one of the best lakes for any paddle boats.

Saguaro Lake, Arizona

Saguaro Lake
Saguaro Cactus surrounds the beautiful lake, and that is the reason it is called Saguaro lake. By giving a short drive to the east side of the Tonto National Forest, you can reach this lake. Many paddlers, kayakers, and fishers gather in this lake in order to have a good time.

The shoreline of the Saguaro Lake is 22-mile where you will also find a restaurant, restroom, picnic spots as well as boat ramps at the marina. These things are also available in the aid station of the Maricopa County Sheriff.

You also can pick the Butcher Jones Recreation Beach for kayaking. You can reach this place through a road a few miles north of the marina. You can also swim and do a picnic, which is also available with restroom facilities.

Wild horses visit this beach quite regularly, which means you will get a taste of wildlife territory.

Bartlett Lake, Arizona

Bartlett Lake
Reaching Bartlett Lake is quite simple. 45 miles driving to the north of Tempe Shop location, you can comfortably reach this place.

The size of Bartlett lake will amaze you. A total of 2800 acres surrounds it. Kayaking or paddling in this large lake will be an unforgettable memory for sure. This east valley lake is one of the largest lakes in Arizona. The cost offers light slick beaches for camping in the hillside, breaking the winds to the west and east.

It is a perfect place for camping, long stay during the weekend. You also can play different games in this lake.

Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Lake Pleasant
The vast, open, and clear Lake Pleasant is located in the valley of the city Peoria and Morristown, Arizona.

The west side of the lake is the best place for camping too. While entering the lake, you have to pay the fee for a day or staying overnight camping. It is advisable to stay near the shoreline if the lake is crowded. Led by one of the local park rangers, the park provides scheduled events for water exploration.

At the time of April, a paddle fest event occurs in this lake, where many manufacturers provide demos of their kayak boats. During July, annual fireworks are organized on the beach of the lake.

So, an overnight stay will also be worthwhile in this lake.

Last Words

The popularity of kayaking is on the increasing trend among travelers. People love to kayak in the lake, which makes their minds fresh and calm. Everyone wants to have a calm mind so that they can concentrate on daily work.

Arizona is a perfect place for kayaking during the weekend and summer. It is the city of Grand Canyon, as well as many lakes, are out there to make your kayaking in Arizona trip remarkable. Even some lakes allow its visitors to do camping at the shore.

Make sure to take safety precautions while Kayaking. Even if you know how to swim, you should wear safety gear too. Don’t make your beautiful and pleasant trip pathetic.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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