Lifetime Cruze Kayak Reviews – Best Beginner-friendly Solo Sit-in Kayak

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Finding an ideal sit-in kayak is a troublesome task since several kayak companies are sprouting up. We have researched for you and are introducing a lightweight, durable model – Lifetime Cruz.

This kayak is great for beginners and weekend outings. It gives the paddlers a “feels good” impression as it is so smooth on the water.

In this Lifetime Cruz Kayak review, we will look into details.

Let’s read below.

Lifetime Cruze Kayak Reviews – Why Should You Buy It?

When buying a kayak, the first thing a customer looks for is the kayak’s smoothness on the water. In this case, Lifetime Cruz offers smooth riding all the time. It will offer some of the smoothest trackings of its price range.

Lifetime Cruze Kayak Reviews

Technical Details & Specifications

Kayak Dimension:30” (W) X 12.3” (H) X 120” (L)
Cockpit Dimension:42” (H) X 22” (W)
Product Weight:46lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity:275lbs.
Seating Configuration:Solo
Ideal Paddler Size:Average Adult, Larger Adult
Skill Level:Intermediate, Beginner

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Key Features:

  • High-density polyurethane construction
  • Sharp bow for speed and tracking
  • Flat-bottom hull for more excellent stability
  • Tracking skeg for straight paddling
  • Storage hatch
  • Adjustable quick-release backrest
  • Multiple footrest positions
  • Toggle handle in the front and rear area for convenient transport
  • Much spacious cockpit
  • Tracks well on water
  • Nearly unsinkable

The Lifetime Cruz Kayak is manufactured for superior performance. With so many amazing features, it is one of the best beginner-friendly kayaks at an affordable price range. Let’s look at the in-depth discussion of this kayak’s features.

Lifetime Cruze Kayak Reviews

Kayak Performance

In a single word, the performance of this kayak is “outstanding.” It is because of its hull design. The hull of a kayak stays under the water and plays a significant role in a kayak’s performance.

The sharp bow of this kayak glides through the water smoothly. You can curve across the water better with less forgiving and allow you to flip conveniently.

Also, the flat bottom design makes it a preferable boat for calm water, lake, canal, etc. Flat bottom ensures that you will have the required stability, making it ideal for beginners. Moreover, paddling is effortless due to this design.

Furthermore, compared to other hull designs, tipping on calm water is harder. In fact, if you are a beginner, a kayak with a flat hull design would be the best choice.

Another worth mentioning feature is the tracking skeg. Often, the skeg is compared to the rudder. With this feature, you will keep your kayak straight in the direction where you are heading. At the same time, wind or rough water will not create any impact in your direction. The hull will remain connected to deeper, stable water.

Besides, you will love to know that the kayak has foam blocks inside the body to keep it from sinking.

Impressive Build Quality

The kayak is made of high-density polyethylene. But many customers are unhappy with plastic material, and they ask, “is polyethylene a good kayak material.”

It is a resilient material, making a kayak highly durable. Kayaks which are made of plastic offer many years of service with minimal care. 

More importantly, plastics are remarkably resistant to scratch. As a result, if you drag this kayak over a sandy beach, no scratch will come in its bottom. 

Another important thing is, plastic construction makes it a UV-proof kayak. Harmful sun rays can’t fade away its color. Be noted that plastic construction is the reason for this kayak’s affordable price tag.

Spacious Cockpit and Comfort

Its cockpit’s dimension is 42” (H) X 22” (W). It seems that the cockpit is spacious to accommodate a person of 6ft. height. With huge space in the cockpit, you will not feel trapped inside the kayak. As a result, during unwanted emergency cases like kayak capsize, you can come out from the kayak quite easily. However, capsizing is unfamiliar with this kayak.

While kayaking, you will be required to take kayak gear like food, a cooler, or other things. With such space, you can conveniently carry essentials without hesitation.

Long 10ft. Kayak

Lifetime Cruze Kayak measures 30” (W) X 12.3” (H) X 120” (L).

Due to its more extended size, it offers many benefits. You can paddle this kayak easily, and controlling also becomes effortless as it is built with beginners in mind, so it provides more stability on the water. Moreover, you can carry heavier loads without losing control.

Adjustable Seat Back & Pad

Comfortability is of utmost essential when kayaking. If a paddler doesn’t feel comfortable, the kayaking session will not be memorable and enjoyable. Also, when sitting for a long period on the kayak, a serious health issue may arise because of the poor seat quality.

Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer added an adjustable seat back and pad in this kayak. As a result, you can adjust the seat position and pad according to your preference. Additionally, you will not feel back pain or strain while kayaking for a long period. You will feel less distracted and more energized.

Multiple Footrest Position

A footrest may seem irrelevant initially; it has a significant impact on the performance of a paddler. This kayak is designed with molded multiple footrest positions.

Thus, not only a 6ft. paddlers can paddle it, but also different height paddlers feel comfortable kayaking this boat. Paddlers can keep their feet comfortably when kayaking.

Simultaneously, multiple footrests reduce the risk of lower back pain. Finally, it impacts your efficiency of paddling. By improving your comfort level in the kayak, multiple footrest positions give you a memorable kayaking session.

Storage Hatch

Storage hatch is not a common feature of a sit-in kayak. But you will find this feature in this kayak, making it worth the price.

Kayaking is unpredictable. Your belongings may get wet due to rain or water splash while making a turn. Also, you can lose your valuables if capsize happens. A storage hatch will ensure that there will be no loss of your belongings if stored in a storage hatch. Kayaking gears will remain well-protected inside the storage hatch.

Overall, a kayak hatch is a great addition that allows you to keep your kayaking gears onboard and help to keep them safe if things go wrong.

Other Features

This kayak is full of different features. It features a bungee cord, front, and rear toggle handles. Both offer different benefits.

There are always some kayaking gears that need quick access. You can store those types of gears in the bungee cord. At the same time, it holds your spare gears. Moreover, it performs like a shock absorption at the time of transporting items. Furthermore, you will be able to raise or lower the rudder by taking the assistance of a bungee cord.

The included front and rear toggle handles give you benefits that are worth the cost. As you need to carry your kayak to the water, these handles make the task easier. Also, this kayak weighs only 46lbs. Pretty lightweight, isn’t it? This way, you will not face any trouble carrying it in your car trunk.

Critical Analysis

Similar to all other things, this kayak also has drawbacks.

No paddle is included with it, and you have to buy it separately. Also, the footrest positions are not adjustable.

Some customers complain that they didn’t receive the same colored kayak as advertised.

However, many customers are utmostly satisfied with the kayak’s performance. They said it has lots of space and room. Overall, they are pretty happy about purchasing this kayak.


Is Lifetime Cruze 100 20’ Kayak Good?

Compared to other kayak types, the Lifetime Cruze 100 20’ kayak is lightweight, affordable, and stable. Also, this kayak comes with lots of features such as multiple molded footrests, adjustable seat and pad, storage hatch, bungee cord, front, and rear toggle handles, etc., to make a kayak time safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Is Lifetime Cruze 100 Kayak good for rivers?

Lifetime Cruze 100 is categorized as a recreational kayak. As long as you kayak it on slow-moving creeks and rivers, it will perform well. Do not ride it on swift and rapid currents.

Where are Lifetime Kayaks made?

The headquarters and manufacturing facility of Lifetime Kayaks is in Clearfield, Utah. Lifetime Kayaks are made in the USA.

What are Lifetime Kayaks made of?

High-density polyethylene is used to manufacture Lifetime kayaks. This construction makes them strong, robust, UV-protected. Also, they become lightweight.

How to Re Enter a Sit-On-Top Kayak

Wrap Up

The Lifetime Cruze 100 is an excellent solo kayak for budget-friendly paddlers. For its price, you will get the best features. We recommend this kayak for its affordable price tag, safe use, and durability.

Hopefully, this review will help you decide whether this kayak fits your kayaking needs. If it meets, don’t think twice about buying it.

What is your opinion after reading this Lifetime Cruze Kayak Review? Your thoughts in the below comment box are appreciable.

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