How to Choose Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack

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After owning a kayak, you should start thinking, “Where should I store this thing?”

Unfortunately, many kayak owners are unaware of the proper storing of a boat when not in use. They simply put the kayak on the ground or lean against the shed. This approach creates several problems like critters build their nest underneath or inside of the kayak. Finally, this incident reduces the lifespan of your kayak.

With the best marine kayak storage rack, you can extend the life of your kayak and help it function properly for many years to come.

We will go into more details on the kayak storage racks in the following sections of this article so that you can choose the best outdoor kayak storage rack according to your requirement.

Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack

Why Do You Need the Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack?

Proper storage is mandatory for kayaks and other watercraft to keep them free from wear and tear. Whatever the material is used to manufacture the kayak, excessive sunlight may damage the hull. At the same time, degradation of the hull material will happen due to moisture, rain, etc.

Additionally, slow melting of the plastic may also happen due to high temperatures. Simultaneously, your kayak can severely damage when it is exposed to harsh weather. This is the reason, during the off-season of kayaking, proper storage is significantly necessary.

What Are the Types of the Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack?

3 main types of kayak storage racks are manufactured by the Company, the Best Marine and Outdoor Store. They are:

  • Free Standing
  • Wall Mounted
  • Ceiling Mounted

Let’s take a closer look at each type from the below section

Free Standing

A free-standing kayak storage rack is installed on the floor. You can install it in a garage, outdoors, or shed. Some free-standing kayak storage rack models can accommodate more than 1 kayak.

The best thing about this storage type is that lifting your kayak very far to store it is unnecessary. Cradles are much lower to the ground, and thus, loading and unloading become effortless.

If floor space is available in your house and you need to access your kayak easily, free standing kayak storage rack will be an excellent option for sure. Some free-standing kayak storage rack comes with a wheel for convenient moving from one place to another.


From the name itself, you can get an idea of this kayak storage rack. These racks are installed on the wall of your garage, shed, or outdoor wall. If floor space is limited in your home or garage, go with a wall-mounted kayak storage rack.

While installing a wall-mounted kayak storage rack, make sure to anchor securely to your wall stud. Otherwise, your sound sleep will ruin if the kayak falls off the wall. However, don’t assume that installing a wall-mounted kayak storage rack is challenging or tricky. With the proper hardware and a little DIY skill, you can install it easily.

Learning about the kayak’s length is crucial if you decide to go with the wall-mounted option. This will give you clearance with any windows or doors. You will find a wall-mounted kayak storage rack with a single and more than one storing option in the market.


Your garage or home space will be efficiently utilized if you decide to install a ceiling-mounted kayak storage rack. Its storing option is a great way of saving your wall and floor space.

The most important thing is; you will need to do so much shoulder work when installing a ceiling-mounted kayak storage rack.

Like the wall-mounted option, you have to make sure that you followed the correct installing process with the right hardware. It is recommended to take assistance from a helper when installing a ceiling mount.

What is the Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack?

Kayak mounts are unique in terms of their build, design, and purpose. Let’s look at the key features of the enlisted kayak racks before we move into the next section.

Best Overall: Best Marine Folding Kayak Storage Rack

Aluminum constructed frame and non-slip rubber pads keep the rack stable in its place when a kayak is stored.

Best Versatile: Marine & Outdoor Store Indoor/Outdoor Kayak Hangers

You can install this kayak rack either indoor or outdoor according to your preference.

Best for the Weight Capacity: Best Marine & Outdoors Store Wall-Mounted Kayak Hooks

With 100lbs. of maximum weight capacity, this wall-mount kayak storage rack can accommodate heavy kayaks without hassle.

Best for the Ease of Use: Best Marine & Outdoor Store Rooftop Mount Accessories for Kayaks

This kayak mount is easy to install and remove with the included hardware, making it suitable for short and long transports.

Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack – Comparison Table

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4 Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack Reviewed

Several designs and models of kayak storage racks are available on the market. Always remember to choose a kayak storage rack that meets your requirements.

1# Best Overall: Best Marine Folding Kayak Storage Rack

Key Features:

Weight capacity: 100lbs.

Stands Length: 16” X 15”

Aluminum frame



Best Marine Folding Kayak Storage Rack

Whether you own kayaks, canoes, SUP paddle boards, or small boats, the Best Marine Folding Kayak Storage Rack will let you store all of them safely. Its stands are made of solid and high-quality aluminum, making it much durable and robust for holding 100lbs. Additionally, it comes as a pair and doesn’t require assembly.

This storage rack is 16” tall that allows you to store the kayak at a reasonable height. The best thing about this kayak rack is, it can be used during maintenance, cleaning, or simply storing your kayak. When cleaning your kayak, this kayak rack remains stable due to the non-slip rubber pads. They can easily be folded flat and don’t take much room when stored.

The racks fold open without having to fuss with locking hardware. It opens as wide as the strap allows, and the strap keeps them from collapsing. They automatically lock to the folded position when folding them flat. This is a great solution to get kayaks off the ground all year, especially during wet, snowy winters: great portability when camping or other outings.

The Wins:
  • A suitable kayak storage rack for indoor and outdoor use
  • You can use it for workstation and storage
  • It doesn’t require assembly
  • Incredibly portable and extremely easy to use
  • It is made of durable and robust material
The Fails:
  • Fairly shorter compared to its height

2# Best Versatile: Best Marine & Outdoor Store Indoor/Outdoor Kayak Hangers

Key Features:

200lbs. weight capacity

22.5” wide cradle

Stable kayak hangers


Quick installation process

Best Marine & Outdoor Store Indoor/Outdoor Kayak Hangers

Unfortunately, many of us sacrifice the kayak storage racks quality and buy flimsy kayak hangers. Finally, it impacts the kayak’s lifespan and overall performance. Don’t let it happen, and buy this premium-quality Best Marine & Outdoor Store Indoor/Outdoor Kayak Hangers. It is true to its features and performance, which ensures peace of mind by storing your kayak safely.

The highest quality materials are used to construct the kayak hangers. Thus, it is promised to deliver many years of service without malfunctioning. Its weight capacity is impressive: 200lbs. and without any trouble, you can store 2 kayaks, small boats, or canoes in it. The setup process is straightforward, which will take only a few minutes. Simply install it in your shed, under deck, garage, pier, or dock, and store your kayak safely.

Powder-coated steel on the frames makes it a rust-proof kayak hanger. These racks are designed for regular-sized kayaks ranging from 28″-34″ in width and 30-99lbs in weight. It is very stable and is working well even though this kayak hanger is very heavy due to its size and composition. Even alone on the highest setting of the rack, it is stable and solid. Very heavy duty and well made.

The Wins:
  • Designed for storing regular-sized kayaks of 28″-34″ in width and 30-99lbs. weight
  • Well-constructed and stable kayak hangers
  • Highly modifiable with the adjustable straps
  • Safe way to store your kayaks, canoes, or small boats
  • Space saver since you can store 2 kayaks conveniently
The Fails:
  • Pretty heavy than other kayak store racks

3# Best for the Weight Capacity: Best Marine & Outdoors Store Wall-Mounted Kayak Hooks

Key Features:

Strong and robust

Wall-mounted design

Nylon foam padding

Adjustable fixing strap

High-quality materials

Best Marine & Outdoors Store Wall-Mounted Kayak Hooks

Are you short of space for storing your kayaks, canoes, or small boats? No worries, buy this Best Marine & Outdoors Store Wall-Mounted Kayak Hooks, which will allow you to store your kayak on the wall. This is a solid solution to storing and protecting your kayaks. Installing them on the wall of your garage, pier, under the deck, or shed with the included screws is effortless.

In order to withstand outdoor elements, it is constructed using powder-coated steel. Its maximum weight capacity is 100lbs. making it standard kayak hooks that require no assembly when installing. The hull of your kayak will be protected after storing because of the nylon-covered foam padding. At the same time, the stored boat doesn’t slip due to this feature. It is much more durable and can be used outdoors and indoors.

It is so versatile that you can store kayaks of different sizes and shapes with the help of its durable and adjustable fixing strap. It also features a soft cushion with a sleeve cover on the mounts. Undoubtedly, this will be an ideal option if you want to maximize your space. Overall, this product is super high quality, great padding, extremely strong, and easy to install. 

The Wins:
  • The kayak hooks include 3 heavy-duty screws to install
  • Built with solid, strong, and robust materials
  • It comes at an affordable price range
  • Easy to read instruction manual
  • It protects the hull since the arm is padded with nylon foam
The Fails:
  • Storing a kayak on the top of these hooks will be challenging

4# Best for the Ease of Use: Best Marine & Outdoor Store Rooftop Mount Accessories for Kayaks

Key Features:

Roof rack pads length: 48”

Stainless steel loops and buckles

Shock resistant EPE foam

Trunk anchors

18’ 6” long straps

Best Marine & Outdoor Store Rooftop Mount Accessories for Kayaks

The Best Marine Kayak Roof Rack Pads allow you to carry larger-sized kayaks. The maximum width of these pads is 48,” and the most important thing is, it is so stable, solid, and reliable that the chance of slippage is not there. With the included straps, safe transport is confirmed, and long journeys will be hassle-free. Like the others on the list, it is also quick and easy to install.

600D polyester fabric is used to construct the kayak storage rack, making them rugged and robust compared to other kayak storage options. After storing your kayak, you will have peace of mind all the time because of the tie-down ropes, trunk anchors, and stainless steel loops. Combination of all these features let you secure different size kayaks quite comfortably.

This carrier from Best Marine and Outdoor Store is ultra-versatile. Its ability to take a wider kayak is an additional bonus. It comes with enough straps for holding larger kayaks pretty conveniently, which is a great feature of this product. If you are looking for something efficient and easy-to-use kayak, this would be a great choice.

The Wins:
  • It includes all the necessary straps for the safety of the kayak
  • Ensures peace of mind
  • Easy to install and remove
  • 38” side rails
  • Suitable for larger kayaks
The Fails:
  • It is not made for the rainy season

The Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack Buying Guide

Marine Kayak Storage Rack review

Before making a buying decision, it is significantly essential to know some factors that play a vital role in making the right purchase.

Here we shared a few crucial factors for your convenience.

Inside vs. Outside

If possible, plan to store your kayak inside your house; this will keep the kayak safe from potential damages.

Thieves will be unable to steal your precious boat easily. Also, harsh weather or critters can’t harm. Remember that sunlight is brutal on the materials of the kayak.

But if you have no other choice except to store your kayak outdoors, make sure to lock it properly to a solid object. Whether you use a free standing or wall-mounted kayak storage rack, don’t forget to cover the kayak to keep it away from sunlight.

Installation or Assembly Process

Regardless of the kayak storage rack type, little installation or assembly process is mandatory.

Assemble is necessary for the free-standing rack. On the other hand, you can’t avoid the installation process of a wall or ceiling mount rack.

The most important thing about the installation or assembly process is to make sure that the rack is securely installed. If you need to make a hole in the wall or ceiling using a drill, you will have to look for the joists, possibly through the drywall.

If your DIY skill is not that efficient to complete a DIY project successfully, choose the free-standing model since you don’t need to make a hole using a drill machine. Although assembly is required in the free-standing model, the assembly process is relatively effortless.

Kayak Size

Never buy a kayak storage rack without measuring your kayak’s width and length.

Due to the shallow design of the wall mount model, they are unable to accommodate all kayaks. Choose a place where enough clearance is available for your door or window if you install a ceiling or wall mount model.

So, do serious research on your kayak length and width. After buying a storage rack, if you find that your kayak is not accommodating into it, your valuable time, effort, and money will be wasted.

Weight Capacity

Learning about the maximum weight capacity of your selected kayak mount is crucial because the kayak storage rack can fall off if it is unable to accommodate your kayak weight.

Generally, based on the kayak material, a kayak mount withstands a maximum of 100 – 150 lbs. of kayak weight. The weight range of most kayaks is 30 – 50 lbs, which means that the maximum kayak mount can easily accommodate a kayak. However, to be on the safe side, learn the maximum weight capacity.

At the same time, make sure that your wall has the capacity of needed load-bearing. 

Kayak’s Number

Do you own more than one kayak? Select a kayak rack that can hold multiple kayaks without any trouble if your answer is YES. When storing your kayaks on these types of boat racks, make sure to load the kayaks in a balanced way to avoid tip over.

Storing Other Kayaking Gears

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is storing kayaking gear like PFD, paddles, fishing rods, helmets, etc.

It would be best to buy a kayak mount that accommodates your kayaking gears as well.

Final Words

Safe storage of a kayak is crucial because the damage will indeed happen if you don’t store your boat securely. With the best marine kayak storage rack, safe storage will be confirmed.

Remember to cover your kayak after storing it. Also, read the buying guide and types of kayak sections intently to get your required kayak mount.

All the reviewed kayak racks in this article will hold up a decent amount of weight and offer service for years to come. They will withstand the seasonal elements in different environments!

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