Difference between Vibe Sea Ghost 110 vs Big Fish 105

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Kayak is a compact, lightweight canoe with no oarlocks that can be used for water activities and travel. A dual paddle is used for paddling, while a rudder operated by the foot is used for turning. Recreational and traveling kayaks have water-resistant frames that are composed of wood, steel, or polymer and are built in one part or foldable segments.

Water can hardly get into a kayak through a narrow opening. The opening is also located where you will be sitting. Because it is more challenging to get water out of a kayak if it gets wet, almost all kayakers use a spray deck to keep water out. Kayaks are far more agile and fast than canoes. It’s all thanks to the design, less weight, and dual blade paddle, that enables much faster and more prompt sailing. Choosing a suitable kayak boat may be more difficult than you can anticipate. Now we’ll see which kayak boat is preferable: the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 vs Big Fish 105.

Difference between Vibe Sea Ghost 110 vs Big Fish 105

You may use a kayak to travel to beautiful seaside camping, peacefully explore a river, enjoy the spectacular scenery that is not visible from the shoreline, have a morning exercise all over the lake, or simply play in the water along with the children. There are several boat options, just like there are numerous methods of using kayaks. Let’s look at the differences between Vibe Sea Ghost 110 vs Big Fish 105 kayaks when you’re trying to decide on one.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110

The hulls of the Sea Ghost line are designed to strike the right mix between velocity and sturdiness. Fishermen in kayaks would like to be capable of traveling wherever they’re heading with a little difficulty and capable of standing once they arrive. It’s not only about the finish line; it’s also concerning the trip.

The Sea Ghost 110 offers the most adjustable operating deck and equipment area available for kayak fishermen. Also, the 425-pound hauling capability ensures you can carry everything. The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 angling kayak is the finest developed professional fishing boat of its genre with a lot more functionality and space than any equivalent level fishing kayak. All thanks to an embedded Rudder Mechanism, rigging, and space features.

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 angler kayak is ready for adventure. The kayak combines velocity and steadiness, and it easily navigates calm water, rivers, and confined quarters. Extended paddles, stormy days, and heavy tides are all made easier with the well-balanced frame and incorporated rudder mechanism. For extended hours on the water, the double position Vibe Hero seating delivers relaxation and stability.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Advantages of Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Stability: This kayak has been manufactured with a structural balance that is best-in-class. It provides the ideal friction deck surface for each and all experienced fishermen, or just for people who wish to ‘raise their game’ to a professional level, either seated or standing.

Speedy: Throughout extended paddles, breezy weather, and heavy tides, the smooth body shape assures quick, agile navigation, whereas the toe-controlled rudder mechanism gets fishermen on fish quicker while conserving energy.

Comfortable: Comfort is prioritized with a two-position, ventilated cloth Hero seat, flexible foot bracing for every size individual, and quick access to the supplementary equipment tracks, paddle grids, mug holder, as well as more.

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Big Fish 105

Don’t be fooled by its shape. The Big Fish 105 from 3 Waters has most of the similar functions, sturdiness, coziness, and productivity as the Big Fish 120b. But it is done with a more reasonable scale. The revolutionary cathedral tri-hull allows this kayak to be built from the bottom up with a concentration on steadiness, navigation, and productivity.

Two exterior pontoons and a core pontoon are featured on the cathedral tri-hull, with deep canals in between. With several sitting and standing arrangements that are high, down, lean back, and slide away from that acts as a leaning line while standing – the Big Fish chair provides paddling satisfaction throughout the day.

A solidly constructed standing station, storing area with the gunwales, and an open bow and back storing facilities for convenient equipment access are all included on the deck. Another major function is the detachable Sonar Pod, which is engineered to make it easier to add electronics like fish detectors.

Carved handles, dual rear flush installed rod carriers, movable foot supports, a standing aid belt, and a handy item equipping track device are among the other functions. The Big Fish provides whatever you require to fish your preferred lake or river within a narrower, extra convenient, and cost-effective packaging.


Advantages of Big Fish 105

Dimensions and Weight: The Big Fish 105 has a length of 10’6″ 3 that is 17.5 cm, and a width of 33.5″ that is 85.1 cm. This kayak is approximately 89 pounds in weight (40.3 kg). However, it is not as light as similar smaller models. Its superior balance compensates for any disadvantages.

Capability: The Big Fish 105 could support nearly the same amount of weight just like its bigger sibling, the Big Fish 120. It can carry one medium-sized fisherman and some additional equipment thanks to its full capacity of 380 lbs. (172.1 kg).

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Is it worth it to buy a vibe kayak?

This Kayak is quite steady and enjoyable to use on the lake. It’s a lot easier to handle using the runner system. It’s a large and weighty kayak.


Kayaking is one of the few activities that provide outdoor adventurers with such a diverse spectrum of experience. Kayaking will never disappoint you; either you’re looking for heart-pounding roller coaster thrills or the tranquility and simplicity of getting immersed in the time. If kayaking is something you want to do in the future, then try comparing the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 vs Big Fish 105 to see which one is the finest kayak to ride.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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