What to Wear Kayaking in Florida (Rules, Weather & Shoes)

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Kayaking is always making us fun and helps us get rid of boring daily life. Whenever and wherever you go kayaking, you have to follow some rules. If you plan to enjoy kayaking in Florida, you should prepare yourself in some different ways from other places.

Florida has more than 1000 miles of coastline. It also has more than 1700 miles of creeks and rivers. As a result, you will get a big chance to explore. Here we are going about the kayak clothing in Florida. So, let’s know about what to wear kayaking in Florida.

Before Start Kayaking

Before Start Kayaking

When you are going to start kayaking in Florida, you should be attentive to some aspects. Such as:

Kayaking Rules

Following the rules of kayaking is a must for every place. In Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has some regulations for motorized and non-motorized watercraft. You should follow those rules and regulations.

Weather Forecast

It’s another crucial part of kayaking before heading out. That’s why check the weather forecast properly and prepare yourself as the weather demands. The weather has enough effects on clothing too. So, it would help if you went for comfortable and appropriate outfits before you start kayaking.

Water Temperature

It is another fact of kayaking. You may fall into the water from a kayak, or splash can make you wet. That’s why; you should wear such a suit that will save you from the cold water.

What Do You Wear for Kayaking?

Clothing is a crucial part of kayaking. It doesn’t matter whenever or wherever you are kayaking, you must choose the correct clothing item based on the weather situation. If you fail to select the appropriate outfit, your whole kayaking journey might be uncomfortable and disappointing.

While kayaking in Florida, you should be more attentive to the clothing. Observe and understand the environment first, then go for the outfits. Here, we are describing to you what to wear kayaking in Florida. We hope these will help you much to enjoy happy kayaking.


A layer is that garment item that is thin and versatile. It’s just like single thick but can keep you warm if it could be inner or base-layer made. You should choose such types of layers that can adequately insulate you, remove the sweat, and move freely. To keep yourself warm and dry while kayaking, then goes for that out-layer that is water-resistant, breathable, and windproof.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves are used to provide complete protection from sunlight. You will be under the sun while kayaking. The light will fall upon you directly, and it may make you uncomfortable and burn your skin. A long-sleeve shirt can protect you from these problems. These sleeves are fast drying and wick the moisture quickly. Go for the light and breathable long-sleeve shirt to enjoy the comfort thoroughly.


Shoes are also crucial for kayaking. An ideal pair of shoes can protect your feet from rocks and provides the ultimate warmth while kayaking. For kayaking in Florida, you can wear sneakers, river-sandals, or neoprene wetsuit booties. Despite wearing these, you can choose dedicated paddling shoes for kayaking.


You may face foot problems if you wear shoes without socks. A proper pair of socks is a must for kayaking. These will protect your feet from getting wound. Moreover, you’ll get much comfort from the socks. You can wear wool socks with sneakers. If you wear river sandals, then ensure the proper straps with those.

Head Protection

Layers and Long-sleeves can protect your body, and shoes can protect your feet. Have you ever thought that your head will remain uncovered under the sunlight? Protecting your head is also crucial in kayaking. You can wear a full-brimmed hat. It will protect your head and your face, eyes, and shoulders from the severe sunlight. A helmet can save your head if you are kayaking in rocky parts or white water.


Polarized sunglasses can protect your eyes from sun rays. Moreover, it will help you to see the water.


Sun Rays are much more robust in Florida than in other parts of the USA. If you are unfamiliar with this matter, you may fall into heatstroke or painful sunburns. You can use sunscreen to save your screen from sun rays and have joyous kayaking.

Paddling Gloves

Paddling gloves will protect your hand from getting wounded and provide warmth. It would help if you went for a lightweight designed glove made of neoprene, polypropylene, or wool. These gloves will protect you from abrasion and exposure.

Buoyancy aids

These gears are also known as PFD (Personal Floatation Device). It’s a lifesaving vest. If you fall out of the kayak, this will help you afloat.

Avoid Wearing These Items

As mentioned above, you should wear perfect items according to your kayaking location’s environment. While kayaking Florida, you should avoid clothing items like cotton clothes, jeans, rustable zippers, etc. Cotton can easily absorb water, and you will feel freezing. Jeans are an unbreathable fabric and heavy. It is uncomfortable for kayaking.

What to Wear Kayaking in Hot Weather?

Kayak clothing continuously varies according to the weather situation. Let’s know about what to wear kayaking in hot weather.

Bathing Suit

It’s a perfect outfit for kayaking. These are ideal clothing to get wet. You can go for quick-drying shirts and shorts for this purpose.

Technical or Quick Drying Shirt

Technical and Quick-drying shirts are much comfortable and perfect for protecting you from UV rays. These can give you enough protection from the bright sun of summer and allow you to keep yourself dry and comfortable.

Board or Quick Drying Shorts

While kayaking, your bottom part will get wet. For this reason, you should wear such shorts that dry quickly and give you comfort. Bathing suits, board shorts, and quick-drying shorts can be the proper choice in this case.

Water Shoes or Sandals

Kayaks always collect water and make your feet wet. Water shoes can protect your feet from the water. These can also provide you with enough warmth and feel comfort.

Sun Hat

Sun Rays fall directly to our heads while floating on open water. A sun hat can protect your head and face easily from sunrays.


Clothing for various outdoor activities is almost identical. But, in the case of kayaking, you have to stay all the time floating on water. So, you should choose those clothing items which can provide you with warmth and comfort. You may get soaked while kayaking.

That’s why; your clothes must be water repellant. As the clothing items vary depending on the kayaking location’s weather, you should go for the durable, versatile, and comfortable clothing item. These will allow you to move freely. We have discussed what to wear kayaking in Florida and hope this article will help you enjoy kayaking here.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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