Answered: Your most burning question- ‘What to look for when buying a kayak’

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Finding the perfect kayak is no easy task. It can get overwhelming if you do not have any idea about What to know when buying a kayak.

The idea of owning a kayak can often overshadow the massive amount of research needed before buying one. You need to consider the purpose of the kayak or how much it will be in use. Here, we emphases on some important things that you must know before buying a Kayak. Get in


In general, kayaks are made from carbon fiber, fiberglass, hard plastic, and wood. Some are made from Kevlar as well as fabric with a sturdy frame. Depending on the price, the higher you pay, the better you will get.

The expensive kayaks are made from fiberglass and are usually lighter. You will find plastics on the cheaper ones. Inflatable kayaks are made from durable fabric but are somewhat expensive.

Due to the high manufacturing cost, you will rarely see wooden kayaks. They are also very heavy and difficult to transport.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity should be high in your consideration as it varies from kayak to kayak. Keep in mind that the weight capacity specified includes the total weight of the user, and all included gears like fishing rods or coolers.

The total weight capacity should be mentioned clearly in the product specification when you are looking for your kayak.

Overall Dimensions

As a rule of thumb, longer and narrower kayaks have faster speed but low maneuverability. Wider and shorter kayaks offer more stability, and they can turn more easily.

But on the other hand, they take away from speed. If you are a beginner, a wider kayak may be more suited to your capability. As you gain more experience and control, you can switch to a narrower and faster kayak.

Recreational kayaks meant for calm waters are around 8 to 14 feet long. They can travel narrow passages and waterways efficiently. Touring kayaks, on the other hand, are longer that can tackle big rivers and rough waters with their 14 to 18 feet length.


  • User Height

You should also consider your height when you are out shopping for a kayak. This is extremely important, especially when you want to get a sit-in kayak.

If you do not fit properly inside the kayak, the experience will not be enjoyable. Adjustable footrests can tackle this issue somewhat well. Now that you know what to look for when buying a kayak, it’s time to have a look at some popular options.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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