Where are Eddyline kayaks made?

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Eddyline Kayaks have made a name for itself in the world of water sports, particularly for its high-quality, lightweight, and performance-driven designs. As an outdoor enthusiast, you might be curious about where these top-of-the-line kayaks are made. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Eddyline Kayaks, their manufacturing process, and what sets them apart from other kayak brands.

where are Eddyline kayaks made

History of Eddyline

Eddyline Origins

Eddyline Kayaks was founded in 1971 by Tom and Lisa Derrer in Boulder, Colorado. The company later moved to Washington State in the 1990s, where it continued to grow and evolve. Since its inception, Eddyline has been dedicated to crafting innovative, high-quality kayaks that cater to a wide range of paddlers.


Over the years, Eddyline has become a leader in the kayaking industry, continually pushing the boundaries of design and materials. The company has always focused on offering the best possible products to its customers, and its dedication to innovation has helped them stay ahead of the competition.

Kayak Manufacturing


Eddyline Kayaks are made using a proprietary material called Carbonlite 2000, which is an advanced, lightweight, and durable thermoformed plastic. This material provides an excellent balance between performance and durability, making their kayaks ideal for various water conditions.


The manufacturing process of Eddyline Kayaks is meticulous, ensuring a high level of quality and precision. The Carbonlite 2000 material is thermoformed in a two-step process, resulting in a seamless, one-piece construction that is both lightweight and strong. This process allows for more intricate designs and increased structural integrity.


Eddyline has always been at the forefront of innovation in the kayaking industry. They were one of the first companies to utilize vacuum-bagged composite construction in the 1980s, and they continue to explore new materials and technologies to improve the overall performance and quality of its kayaks.

Eddyline Kayak Models


Eddyline offers a variety of recreational kayak models designed for casual paddling and day trips. These kayaks are built for comfort, stability, and easy maneuvering, making them perfect for beginner and intermediate paddlers.


For longer excursions and more advanced paddlers, Eddyline has a range of touring kayaks. These models are designed for efficiency, speed, and seaworthiness, allowing paddlers to cover long distances with ease.


Eddyline’s fishing kayaks cater to anglers who require a stable, comfortable, and feature-rich platform for their fishing adventures. These kayaks come equipped with rod holders, storage compartments, and customizable options to help anglers maximize their experience on the water.


While Eddyline doesn’t specialize in whitewater kayaks, their versatile designs can still handle some moderate whitewater conditions. It’s essential for paddlers to carefully assess the suitability of their chosen Eddyline model for the specific whitewater conditions they plan to tackle.

where are Eddyline kayaks made



Eddyline Kayaks are known for their exceptional stability, making them suitable for paddlers of all skill levels. The advanced hull designs and lightweight materials contribute to their stability, allowing for a more enjoyable and secure paddling experience.


Thanks to their innovative materials and sleek designs, Eddyline Kayaks offer excellent speed and glide. The Carbonlite 2000 material, coupled with the company’s focus on hydrodynamics, results in kayaks that can cover distances quickly and efficiently.


Eddyline Kayaks are designed with maneuverability in mind. Their responsive and agile kayaks allow paddlers to easily navigate through tight spaces, make quick turns, and handle various water conditions with confidence.


Comfort is a top priority for Eddyline, and their kayaks are designed with ergonomic seating, adjustable foot braces, and customizable outfitting options. This ensures that paddlers can enjoy a comfortable and personalized fit during their time on the water.


Eco-friendly Materials

Eddyline is committed to producing environmentally friendly kayaks by using materials like Carbonlite 2000, which is 100% recyclable. They continuously strive to minimize their environmental footprint and source sustainable materials for their products.


Eddyline’s manufacturing process focuses on reducing waste and conserving resources. They employ lean manufacturing techniques and recycle scrap material from their production process, further contributing to their eco-friendly initiatives.

Recycling Initiatives

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Eddyline offers a kayak recycling program for their customers. When an Eddyline kayak reaches the end of its useful life, the company encourages customers to return the kayak for recycling, ensuring that the materials are repurposed or recycled responsibly.

Why Choose Eddyline


Eddyline Kayaks are synonymous with quality. Their attention to detail, use of premium materials, and commitment to innovation ensure that their kayaks consistently outperform the competition.

Customer Support

Eddyline takes pride in offering excellent customer support to their customers. From answering questions about kayak selection to providing advice on maintenance and care, the Eddyline team is always ready to assist paddlers in any way possible.

where are Eddyline kayaks made


Eddyline has a strong sense of community, and they often sponsor events, support local paddling clubs, and collaborate with environmental organizations. By choosing an Eddyline kayak, paddlers are not only investing in a high-quality product but also becoming part of a passionate and supportive community.

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What is Carbonlite 2000?

Carbonlite 2000 is a proprietary, lightweight, and durable thermoformed plastic used by Eddyline in the construction of their kayaks. This material provides an excellent balance between performance and durability.

Are Eddyline kayaks suitable for beginners?

Yes, Eddyline offers a variety of kayak models that are suitable for beginners. Their recreational kayaks are designed for stability, comfort, and ease of maneuvering, making them an excellent choice for novice paddlers.

How do I care for my Eddyline kayak?

To care for your Eddyline kayak, you should rinse it with fresh water after each use, especially if used in saltwater. Store the kayak in a cool, dry place, preferably on its side or upside down on a kayak rack. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, and periodically inspect the kayak for any signs of wear or damage.

Can Eddyline kayaks handle whitewater conditions?

While Eddyline does not specialize in whitewater kayaks, some of their models can handle moderate whitewater conditions. It’s important for paddlers to assess the suitability of their chosen Eddyline model for the specific whitewater conditions they plan to encounter.

Are Eddyline kayaks expensive?

Eddyline Kayaks are often considered to be in the mid-to-high price range, depending on the specific model. While they may be more expensive than some other brands, the quality, performance, and durability of Eddyline kayaks make them a worthwhile investment for many paddlers.


Eddyline Kayaks are made in the United States, specifically in Washington State, using innovative materials and manufacturing processes. Their commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability has earned them a well-deserved reputation in the kayaking industry. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, Eddyline offers a kayak that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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