10 Best Kayak Fishing PFD Reviews & Buying Guide

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When you are kayaking or fishing, you and your loved ones’ safety should get top priority. When you are in the water, accidents or mishaps can happen at any time without any signal.

At the time of an accident in the water, the best kayak fishing PFD (personal floatation device) can be a life-saving gear.

Many states have made rules to wear PFD or life vest always when you are in the water to ensure that your head remains over the water surface.

This article will guide you on the right path in picking the best life jacket for kayak fishing.

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Best Kayak Fishing vest/Life Jacket Review

Top 10 Kayak Fishing PFD/Vest Comparison Table

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10 Best Kayak Fishing PFD – Review

After reviewing many best PFD for kayak fishing, we made this list of the best 10 PFD’s.

1.NRS Chinook Fishing PFD

NRS Chinook Fishing PFD

Generally, anglers carry a lot of equipment while fishing, but the NRS has a practical solution. The NRS Chinook Fishing PFD is a Class-3 type PFD that will give you peace of mind when fishing or kayaking. The PFD is designed in a way that an angler can get the most out of it.

The PFD features plenty of pockets. On the front side, it has a total of 8 front pockets where you can keep all your essential belongings like a phone, power bar, license, etc. Many loops are available in the vest so that you can snap items when necessary. Using the 8 adjustable points, the fitting can be adjusted. The PFD comes in a universal size that everyone can wear comfortably.

Wearing this PFD, your kayaking or fishing will be much more comfortable on a humid day. It is because proper ventilation is assured by its mesh lower-back. The ventilated back panel guarantees better relaxation while kayaking. All excellent features of this PFD make it the best pick for canoe tripping.

The outer fabric is made of 200-denier urethane-coated ripstop nylon, which confirms that it will last for many days. Additionally, at an affordable price, the item offers an extensive range of features.

  • Roomy front-entry design.
  • 8-adjustable points that allow its user to adjust the PFD for better comfort.
  • Ventilated mesh lower-back panel.
  • Universal size option.
  • Unavailability of water bladder pouch.

2. Stearns Child Watersport Classic Series Vest

Stearns Child Watersport Classic Series Vest

The Stearns Child Watersport Classic Series Vest is manufactured for children ranges from 30 – 50 pounds. Its closed sides ensure that your kid or children will not slide out from the vest. To give you more peace of mind, it has leg straps. As a result, the vest will stay in the right position, even in the water.

This PFD dries quickly and remains lightweight most of the time because of the drainage holes in it. Wearing it, your children will be forced to sit upright; undoubtedly, it is a great thing. In fact, Stearns has kept every possible opportunity to ensure the safety of your children on the water. Its long-lasting nylon structure over PE foam confirms that the PFD is built to give many years of service.

With it, your children will never feel discomfort. It comes with 3 adjustable chest belts; 1 modifiable crotch strap will allow you to modify the fitting so that your children get the maximum comfort. Also, 2 large armholes ensure excellent movement. This way, even in the water, your children will be able to move their hands easily.

The most important thing is; it is an approved PFD by the US coast-guard. Additionally, you can pick the PFD from 3 different color options. This durably built chest vest is promised to give you years after years of service.

  • Durably made.
  • Nylon structure over PE foam.
  • Drainage holes to keep the PFD dry and lightweight always.
  • US coast-guard approved.
  • Small size.

3. Stohlquist Fisherman Personal Floatation Device

Stohlquist Fisherman Personal Floatation Device

Like other standard kayaking or fishing PFD, the Stohlquist Fisherman Personal Floatation Device provides safety, comfort, and storage on the water. This PFD will assist you to tackle any sort of obstacle on the water. You don’t have to fumble around your kayak to find something that should be at hand.

The vest is made with a combination of 2 durable and lightweight fabrics named 500-denier Cordura shell and 200-denier oxford liner. Both fabrics are a type of nylon, and both are water-proof. With the help of this combination, this chest vest will give you an extended period of service. It comes with more adjustment features than other personal floatation devices.

Water-resistant Neoprene fabric is used to make the pad of the shoulder. The chest vest itself allows enough air ventilation through it so that its user feels comfortable wearing it. The PFD offers significant shoulder mobility than is expected. Moreover, it will allow you to move freely.

It contains several pocket options that make it an ideal PFD for anglers. In those pockets, you can safely store fishing equipment as well as other essential belongings. The best thing about this life jacket is that it is washable. All you need to do is, give it a hand wash using soap and warm water.

4. Onyx Curve MOVEMENT Paddle Sports PFD

Onyx Curve MOVEMENT Paddle Sports PFD

Everyone wants to move comfortably wearing a PFD. If you are looking for a PFD that doesn’t restrict your movement and allows you to move without any hassle, this Onyx Curve MOVEMENT Paddle Sports PFD will be the answer. At an affordable price, it focuses on providing extreme comfort to its users.

This chest vest will allow you complete freedom of movement. It is designed in such a way that air can pass through the vest easily. Thus you will feel cooler when you exert yourself into it physically. The adjustments are much easier to adjust as per your requirement. The back and shoulder contain flotation foam and bubble. Moreover, the shoulder has neoprene pads that make it a comfortable vest.

The vest comes with different size options. According to your weight, you will need to pick the right size. Visibility is essential while kayaking or fishing; the bright yellow color will help your partner keep an eye on you when you are far from him/her on the water. However, the other 2 color options are: black and blue.

This excellent PFD for kayak fishing focuses on comfort and ventilation. At a budget-friendly price, it will be a value-adding PFD for sure.

  • Class-3 kayak fishing PFD.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Through proper ventilation features, your body remains cool.
  • Lightweight.
  • No major disadvantages are available.

5.Stohlquist Men’s Ebb Life Jacket

Stohlquist Men’s Ebb Life Jacket

Many of us are tight on budget but look for a premium quality life jacket. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer Stohlquist introduced the Stohlquist Men’s Ebb Life Jacket. It is one of the most affordable life jackets surfing in the market.

Its build quality will undoubtedly impress you. It is made of the highest quality material in every area. Ripstop nylon- one of the most durable materials and PE foam- that comes with a feather-weight feature, is used to manufacture this PFD. Besides, the side-entry pocket allows you to store essential belongings safely. You can adjust it using the adjustable straps according to your body size.

The back panel contains mesh to make you feel comfortable and clears higher seatbacks while kayaking. Both back and side, the PFD is ventilated, which means on a sunny, humid, or hot day, adequate airflow through the PFD will keep you relaxed. This way, you can concentrate more on your job. Each side has 2 large pockets; you can conveniently use them to store your Smartphone or marine radio.

It is full of stunning angler-friendly features like plenty of storage area, side-entry pockets for easy access to the pockets. This is a cool, comfortable, easy-to-wear PFD that offers great value at a wallet-friendly price.

  • Comes with a universal size option.
  • Efficient ventilation system to keep you cool.
  • Shoulder straps are padded.
  • Comfortable.
  • A bit bulky.

6. Stohlquist Edge Life Jacket

Stohlquist Edge Life Jacket

One of the most common chest vests problems is that people can’t move freely while floating on the water. Dealing with this problem can be severe pain. The manufacturer Stohlquist spent more than 24 years manufacturing water gears for different ages and sizes. And the Stohlquist Edge Life Jacket is one of the most comfortable life jackets available in the market.

The worth-mentioning thing about this chest vest is that it is tailored so that any person can wear it quite comfortably. From slim to bulky, every person in between can wear it with ease because of the PFDs foam body. With contoured foam, it offers superior comfort to the body. Also, it delivers the optimum comfortable fitting without giving any tight feeling.

In terms of longevity, no other life jacket can beat this item. The shell is made from mini-ripstop nylon. To reduce chafing, the straps of the shoulder are articulated away from the neck. The armholes are extra wide so that the wearer can feel comfortable and move easily while paddling all day long. It is a multi-purpose life jacket that can be used when you are on a recreational trip or sailing or SUP tour.

In addition to that, this life vest comes with 2 color options: red and royal blue. The Stohlquist Edge Life Jacket is guaranteed to keep you and your family safe by keeping you above the water all the time through your upcoming adventure.

  • Top loading roomy front pockets.
  • Extra-wide armholes.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Multipurpose life-jacket.
  • Not a good option for women.

7. Stohlquist Fit Life Jacket

Stohlquist Fit Life Jacket

The Stohlquist Fit Life Jacket is available in 2 different sizes for kids from 50 – 90lbs and 75 – 125lbs. The US coast guard approves this type III PFD, an ideal pick for water-related activities like sailing, kayaking, boating, etc.

By keeping your comfort in mind, it has been tailored. This is because if the wearer doesn’t feel comfortable wearing it, no doubt the wearer will not wear it after the first use. Keeping this point in mind, it comes with wide armholes. Also, its sides are open, and to custom the fit, it has 3 adjustable straps. These straps also ensure the highest security when kayaking or fishing.

The jacket won many parent’s hearts because of the eye-catching and beautiful design. It is a suitable pick for kids who are not adult enough to wear an adult life jacket and love to pass most of the time in the water. Durability is an essential factor for an active kid’s life jacket. Keeping this point in mind, it is manufactured with a combination of a 200-denier nylon outer shell and a 200-denier oxford liner.

Besides, the vest torso of a regular life jacket is always long enough. As a result, it disturbs the wearer by riding up around the chin when your kid is sitting. But with this life jacket, your kid will not face this problem since the vest torso is short.

  • Safe storage option using an attached hang loop.
  • Combination of style, comfort, and safety.
  • 3-buckle straps for easy adjustment.
  • High mobility PFD.
  • Big and bulky.

8. Stearns 3000004470 PFD 3004 Chd Poly Boating Red

Stearns 3000004470 PFD 3004 Chd Poly Boating Red

Another popular chest vest from the manufacturer Stearns. The Stearns 3000004470 PFD 3004 Chd Poly Boating Red is wallet-friendly. It comes with an attractive design, and it will support those kids who are 30 – 50lbs. Inside, this tough nylon-constructed life jacket has foam panels too for comfortability.

Most regular life jackets don’t fit on a kid’s body. And, parents don’t want to take their kids while going fishing or kayaking. As a result, both parents and kids miss the chance to spend quality time with each other. This PFD comes as a solution to this problem. Better movement and tight fit is confirmed in this PFD since it comes with 3 customizable belts in the chest and open sides. The open sides are exceptionally wide so that your kids can move without any hassle.

Additionally, a strap in the leg retains the vest from rising above the water. It is made from all durable materials. Polyester fabric, PE floatation foam, 1” webbed straps. All these materials ensure that you will receive service from the PFD for many years. This chest vest is effective and sturdy enough to take the responsibility of keeping your kids safe in the water.

The color red or yellow over the blue is highly visible. For all-around use like fishing, boating, jet skiing, kayaking, this is an ideal option.

  • A suitable life jacket for kids weighing from 30 -50lbs.
  • 3-customizable buckles along with a leg strap.
  • Secure and comfortable fitting.
  • Durably built.
  • Unsuitable for taller thin kids.

9. Stohlquist Rocker Personal Flotation Device

Stohlquist Rocker Personal Flotation Device

Stohlquist has prolonged years of reputation in manufacturing safety gear. Since security and safety are related to the product, they never compromised on the product quality. And the Stohlquist Rocker Personal Flotation Device is also no exception in terms of quality and performance.

Ride-up is a common problem with PFD’s. This PFD has a Gripp-loc interior, which is a non-slip panel. This interior prevents ride-up problems while wearing this PFD. The PFD is ergonomically designed with an offset front-zip entry along with a zipper grab tab. The lumber pad ensures better air circulation so that you can chill, relax, and cool down during prolonged fishing time.

The nylon shell of the PFD makes it an abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant protective gear. The shoulder strap comes with 6 adjustable points that allow its wearers to find a comfortable fit. Besides ensuring a balanced fit, it also has an adjustable cross chest chinch harness and a self-tensioning shoulder. Thus, this PFD is suitable for anybody’s size. Moreover, in its expandable pocket, you can store a water bottle and beverage.

The item is available in 3 colors: red, mango, and black. It is suitable to be used in any water activities. It comes with a washable feature, and the ventilated lumbar pad confirms an excellent level of comfortability.

  • Nylon made PFD.
  • Secure D-ring to store your whistle, keys, or chapstick.
  • Washable.
  • Abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Unavailability of major cons.

10. O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest

O'Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest

The manufacturer O’Neil is a reputed life vest manufacturer who always produces quality life jackets. In continuation of this, the O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest is the latest addition to their line that is a type 3 life jacket and US coast guard approved.

This model is available with a wide range of body types that never compromises on safety. The exterior is robust because of the durable coated polyester shell. Without any tension, this life vest will support you for many outings. Moreover, the vest is lightweight due to PE foam that guarantees a soft and comfortable feeling to its wearer.

The lifting capacity of the life vest is brilliant. Also, it is not too restrictive. It focuses on the freedom of the wearer’s movement. While using it when kayaking, you will be able to paddle and maneuver without any trouble. Additionally, wearing this chest vest, a person can learn to swim since its design will support in the water.

Furthermore, on the front bottom of the chest vest, a key loop is available where you can keep your keys. The jacket does not get super-hot when paddling and dries quickly after tubing, skiing, etc.

  • Fast-drying feature.
  • Brilliant lifting capacity.
  • Supports the wearer to stay on the water.
  • Offers freedom to the wearer’s movement.
  • Size options are tricky.

Buying Guide – Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Kayak Fishing PFD

Above 10 kayak fishing PFDs are our top recommendations. But if you still can’t make a decision, the below answers will assist you in making a precise decision.

Do Life Vests Follow Any Approval Standards?

The first and foremost thing you will need to make sure is that whatever chest vest model you choose has to be approved by the country’s standard.

Remember that a defective chest vest will not be able to give your premium safety during an emergency. Since the matter is all about life and death, the vest’s quality should be approved by the government. The life jacket should come with any of the below standards:

US Standards: United States Coast Guard

International Standards: ISO

European Standards: CE

Commercial Standards: SOLAS

All the PFDs discussed above are approved. So, you can pick any of the chest vests that fulfill your requirement.

What Are the Categories of Life Vest?

Based on the US Coast Guard Standards, life vests are of 5 types. You have to know that each type is dissimilar to one another, in terms of the PFDs purpose.

Read below to learn more about the types of the best kayak life jacket.

Offshore Life Jacket – Type I

This PFD type is best used in all water types, in oceans, open seas, or remote waters. Although a user will not find it comfortable to use. Offshore or type I life jacket is mostly used during an emergency. Because of its buoyancy characteristics, it quickly saves an unconscious person from drowning.

Near-shore Buoyancy Vests – Type II

Picking a Near-shore or type II vest will be a good choice when you are kayaking or fishing or doing any water activities in calm water.

This chest vest type is generally on board for quick response at an emergency, but the Type I chest vest comes with a less buoyancy feature.

Flotation Aid – Type III

Most of the kayak vests that you see in the market fall into this category. They are the best friend of anglers since they provide safety and comfortability to the wearer. Also, they ensure the free movement of the wearer while doing any water-related activities.

Throwable Device – Type IV

Type IV PFDs are backup or aid to the fishing PFDs. They can’t be used to save an unconscious person or non-swimmer. Ring buoys, cushions, etc. are Type IV PFD, which are thrown in the water.

Special Use Devices – Type V

All specifically designed PFDs fall under this category. Type V devices are explicitly allowed by the USCG since they come with a specific label like kayaking, waterskiing, fishing, sailing, etc.

What Should be the Materials of PFD?

Gaia, Kapok, and PVC – these 3 types of materials are commonly used to manufacture a PFD.

Gaia is highly preferred for being an eco-friendly material. The specialty of this material is, it is resistant to temperature changes and capable of reducing weight. More importantly, while doing so, the material doesn’t compromise on PFDs function.

While the kapok derived from the kapok tree’s seed fiber is strong and durable, it is highly combustible.

Finally, Polyvinyl-chloride foam (PVC) is the widely used material for CFD, which is resistant to many multiple factors responsible for reducing the performance and lifespan of the PFD, such as the sun heat, flames, chemicals, etc.

What Should be the Materials of PFD?

Do I Need to Take Care of the Size and Fit?

The best PFD for kayak fishing comes with the proper size and the right fit for its wearer. Bear in mind, the life vest or jacket’s size doesn’t depend on the wearer’s weight; rather it depends on the chest size because the floating material is being held in the chest area.

Moreover, a life jacket with more straps in the chest area is ideal because more straps mean you can adjust the fit more comfortably as per your need.

Inflatable vs. Standard: Which One Should I Pick?

Standard non-inflatable life jacket is quite popular among kayak anglers. It is because, within the foam panel, they get to split that “hug” your body. Standard non-inflatable life jacket has more storage options and reliability is also high because to provide buoyancy, they don’t need to inflate them.

While an inflatable kayak PFD can be a wise pick if you want a slimmer life jacket over a bulkier item, an inflatable PFD offers so much freedom of movement that you may feel like you are not wearing a PFD.

So, the preference is all yours.

Inflatable vs. Standard

How to Take Care of the Best Kayak Fishing PFD?

If you don’t take care of your “life jacket,” life expectancy will reduce for sure. Also, it will not function properly.

Regular maintenance of the life jacket will improve its lifespan, and your family will be happy to wear a new and clean life jacket or PFD.

Periodic Maintenance

Several things need to be taken care of after each water outing.

  • Give a thorough rinse to the PFD if you use it in saltwater.
  • If there are any visible stains, muds or sand, etc. don’t forget to clean it off.
  • Make sure you give an air dry to the PFD. Never use a heat gun or any other electronic device to speed up the drying time. It would be best if you place it under direct sunlight and dry it off. But, don’t put the PFD under direct sunlight for an extended period.
  • Check if any holes, tears, or rips are here in the PFD or not. Make sure that all the straps are firmly attached, and all other hardware is working properly.
  • Be certain that no water is trapped in the internal foam and unavailability of mildew odor.
  • It is significantly essential to stow the best kayak fishing PFD in a dry, warm, and dark place. Remember not to bend the PFD or put any bulky object on top of the life jacket. If you do so, crushing or damage may happen to the life jacket.
  • When you are not using the life jacket for a long time, don’t store them in a damp area. Store them in a place where the temperature is even and cool.

When Do I Need to Replace a Life Jacket/PFD?

Life Jacket

Most PFDs/life jackets will last-long for many years with proper care. However, like everything else, PFD also has a lifespan, and you will need to replace your PFD.

You have to test and inspect the PFD at the beginning of every season.


  • Inspect whether any rip or split is there in the outer fabric or not. The PFD is not safe if you find any presence of rip or split. The flotation material can escape from a rip or split from the PFD, and it may create a disaster. If the material has extremely faded and you suspect that the fabric has lost its elasticity, pinch the fabric and tear it. If the fabric tears easily, replace the life jacket.
  • Squeeze the foam or padding tightly. If the foam feels stiff, the PFD needs to be replaced.
  • If you find any presence of mold in the PFD, without making any delay, replace it. If the mold has moved into the foam, then the PFD is no longer secure to wear.

Last Words

Kayak fishing PFD is one of the essential pieces of equipment to wear when you are kayaking or fishing. You must not put your life in danger by not wearing a kayak PFD or purchasing a poor-quality chest vest. According to many states’ boating safety rules, you can’t do kayaking without wearing the best kayak fishing PFD.

Safety should get top priority over fun and entertainment, and only the best safety equipment can save you from any unwanted situation. It would be best if you don’t forget this when you are kayaking, fishing, or doing any water activities.

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