Big Fish Kayak 105 vs 120

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If you’re looking for an inflatable kayak, chances are you’re considering the Big Fish Kayak 105 vs 120. For those who haven’t yet had the chance to hop in both boats, it can be hard to compare the two. But this comparison article will help you figure out which boat is right for your needs and which will provide a more enjoyable experience on the water.

Here’s a quick review of Big Fish’s two inflatable kayaks, starting with the Kayak 105 and moving on to the Kayak 120.

Big Fish Kayak 105 vs 120

Comparison Table

StabilityMore stableLess stable
CostCheapLittle pricey
SpaceMore spaceLess space
PortabilityEasily portableBulky


The smaller, faster kayak gets the advantage in maneuverability because of its lighter weight and smaller size. The 120 will make it a little easier to turn on a dime, but the 105 has enough speed to keep you from feeling like you’re going in circles. You can’t go too fast with either boat for very long if you want to go straight and not get mired in shallow water.


The 120 will give you a little speed boost over the shorter kayak. However, they are both really fast kayaks and don’t take long to get up to speed. The 105 is around 12MPH, while the 120 can get up to 13MPH. Water depth and rough water conditions are the only factors that may slow you down. Both of these kayaks will handle pretty well with choppy water.


The 105 and 120 are about the same size, but the 120 is made for bigger people. The 120 is 10′ long and weighs about 150 lbs. It’s great for taller people or those who like to sit in the front of the boat. The 105 is 9’3″ long and weighs around 135 lbs. It’s recommended that you be at least 5’10” tall to fit comfortably in this kayak.


The 105 is probably a little more spacious than the 120. The 105 has room between the seat and the backrest, while the 120 doesn’t. This means that you can fit more people comfortably in this kayak.


The 105 is obviously more stable than the 120 because it’s longer, but they are both pretty good at staying upright. The longer kayak is going to be a little easier to handle for beginners, but that’s about it.

You might be able to carry more gear with the 120, but both of these kayaks are made for smaller loads. The floor of the 120 is only there for stabilization, so you’ll have to balance your weight between your feet and the boat itself if you want extra room or comfort.


The 105 is more affordable than the 120, but you’ll find that both boats are made with high-quality materials. Longer kayaks have a different backrest and floor than shorter kayaks.


The 120 has two sets of rods for the seat and backrest, which will make it feel more comfortable. The 105 only has one rod that happens to be in the middle instead of up near the front. If you want more support from the backrest, then get a boat with suspension.

Rear hatch:

Both kayaks have a place to put your gear behind the seat, but only the 105 has a rear hatch that you can close and lock when you’re on the water. If you want to keep your gear all nice and safe while you’re paddling, then get the 105. The 120 will be more like a floating crate without a hatch.


There’s enough room in both of these kayaks for most people’s gear, but one boat is definitely better than the other for storage. The 105 has room for your gear behind the seat and in the front. The back of the kayak is wide enough that you can fit some more gear in the back of it.

The 120, on the other hand, has only two sets of rods underneath the seats. You can’t put any more gear behind you than that unless you want to balance it on your feet. There will be plenty of room in front, but there’s nothing behind or beneath you to put your extra gear or water bottles.


The 120 is a pretty bulky boat because it comes with extra suspension for your seat and backrest. When you pack everything up, it’s not going to be very easy to carry around unless you have a roof rack on your car or trailer. It’s not a boat you should try to take with you on a ferry, either. The 105 is much more portable because there’s no backrest or suspension for the seats.

The 105 is nearly as portable as the 120. If you want to take this kayak with you when you go down to the beach, lakes, or rivers, then it should be fine because it doesn’t have any kind of extra rigidity in its design.


The 105 comes with a paddle, but you’ll need to buy a paddle if you want one for your 120. You’ll be able to use your paddle with either of these boats, but you need something different for each.

The 120 comes with different seat adjustments, but you won’t need them on the 105. You can adjust the size of your seat fairly easily by a few inches when you’re inflating the boat, and it will stay that way for a long time.


Out of big fish kayak 105 vs 120, the one that should be your main choice would be the Hobie Adventure 105. It has everything that you need to have a great time fishing. It’s easy to carry with its compact design, and it’ll give you plenty of room in the front and back of your boat so that you can get at the gear you want when you’re on the water. You can transport the 105 wherever you need to go, and it won’t break down or cause any problems with its durability.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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