How to Lock a Kayak with a Roof Rack?

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Are you going for a journey by kayak? Add the kayak to the roof rack and travel comfortably! You are home and want to keep the kayak secure? Lock the kayak to the roof rack of your vehicle! Yes, in both cases, if you know how to lock a kayak with a roof rack, things will get stress-free!

No worries, we are here to help you out! There are several methods of locking your boat to the roof rack so that the kayak is safe. But we will only discuss the ones that are going to help you!

Here are some steps on how you can easily lock the boat and travel with your car or keep them in your garage and use the roof rack as storage for the boat!

Step by Step Guide to Lock a Kayak with Roof Rack

Guide to Lock a Kayak with Roof Rack

This easy technique for using the roof rack and locking the kayak with it will never disappoint you! In this manner, you can learn how to secure two kayaks to a roof rack too!

One Kayak on Roof Rack

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One of the best methods of locking a kayak with a roof rack is the cable locks. These are great for keeping the kayak on the top while you are driving. Also, it helps to keep the lock away from all sorts of steeling issues.

  • First of all, you have to set the kayak on the top part of your roof rack. Do not put the roof rack below; rather keep it on top of your vehicle. Then, take the kayak on your roof rack so that you can lock it there.
  • As you are going to use a roof rack lock, we recommend you using a Kayak Lasso roof rack lock for the purpose. Here, you have to take each Lasso end and loop it around the bow. Once you are done taking it around the bow, you have to take it around the stern of the boat too. Never take the cable on top of the boat rather keep it below.
  • When you are done taking the cable around the stern and the bow, you have to wrap it around the bar of the rack so that you get additional security. You can choose any bar and take it around the bar.

However, in this case, there is a chance of mixing up the cables. So, you have to be extra cautious. If you mix up all the cables, you won’t be able to make it straight afterward.

  • Now that you have taken care of the cable, you should start pulling the lassos. Pull both of them. Take them near the center part of your boat. All you need to do is to tighten the lock as much as you can!
  • Once you are done, you have to get your hands on the combination lock and get it inside. Insert is careful. This is for the safety and protection of your boat. So, extra caution is needed. Whenever you plan to use the combination lock, you should go and check if it is working accurately or not.

Two Kayaks on Roof Rack

If you want to add two kayaks to the roof rack, you can also do it. All you need is to follow the following technique. Have a look!

  1. After working with the first rack and strapping it down, you have to keep some wiggle room. The second kayak requires a lot of adjustment at times. In this position, you have to position the second kayak on the rack. Push it a bit. Go against the first one. You must make space for both of the kayaks.
  2. Once you are done, you have to strap down the next kayak. Go through the straps once again. In this case, you will need another set of straps. Now, secure them and tighten them properly.
  3. When you tighten the first kayak, you have to go through the first one once again. And this time, your work is to check the tie-down straps and make sure they are perfectly tight. When the boats are strapped properly, you have to check for the extra part of the straps. Make sure you roll up and secure the extra part so that it doesn’t bother when you move with the car.

Wrap Up

So, we have discussed how to lock a kayak to a roof rack in a step-by-step process. The steps are easy, all you need to do is be a little patient and that’s all! You can lock your boat to the roof rack added to the top part of your vehicle without any additional help!

And then, comment below about the problems that you often face while locking your kayak. Also, tell us how this step-by-step technique helped you out.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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