Kayak on Roof Rack Upside Down

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Whenever you are going to enjoy a kayak journey, you must ensure that the kayak is placed on top of your vehicle properly. If you have a roof rack on the vehicle, you can make use of it. But in that case, you still have to learn to place the kayak on roof rack upside down.

Some easy steps to make sure that the transportation is safe are here. Go through them and learn how to deal with the kayak upside down!

Keep in mind that, even while adding the kayak to the roof rack, you must get ready with the straps and other necessary gears beforehand.

Kayak on Roof Rack Upside Down

Step by Step process of Kayak on Roof Rack: Upside Down

If we talk about placing the kayak on the roof rack of your vehicle, you must place it upside down. This is the standard method of setting the kayak on top of your car! Let’s check out how to do it!

Step 1: Arrange the Straps

The first work on setting the kayak on roof rack upside down is to get your hands on the straps. There is a buckle added to the end of the straps of your upside-down kayak carrier. Search for them. First, lay them down.

Make sure you load them on the side of the vehicle. Also, ensure that they are not scratching the doors and windows. In this case, these straps are going to hold your kayak.

So, certify that these are properly set. Now that you are done with this, check and verify that the crossbars of the rack are tight enough to go all these ways. They should not move, otherwise, the kayak will move too and has a chance of sliding off the roof while you drive.

Step 2: Place the Kayak

Once your straps are ready, you can take the kayak out and place the kayak on the roof rack upside down. As you are transporting a kayak on roof rack here, never try to add the hull on the bars when it comes to placing the kayak.

Otherwise, it will create a lot of dents. And if there are dents, it will damage the boat and the kayak will not run straight. For this, we recommend you get some carrier pads for your kayak. Hooks and rollers work fine too!

With these, setting the kayak straight is easier. Now, which end of the kayak will face the front of your vehicle? The answer to the question is the end of the kayak that is skinny will face the front of your vehicle.

The skinny end can be the front of the kayak or the rear of the kayak, it doesn’t matter. If you place your kayak in this manner, your device will be in a fail-safe position and will not fall on the road!

Take your kayak and place it on the top of the roof on your roof rack. Ensure that the skinny end is facing the front of the car and the bulky end is facing the rear of the car. As a result, when there will be a lot of wind, the kayak will not be forced on the front but will be faced on the bulky end.

Step 3: Secure the Kayak

Now, you have to work on the straps once again for securing the kayak. You can do it your way. But we recommend laying the straps on the top part of the kayak first. After this, you need to attach the straps to the other end. Sometimes, people step the straps crossed against the boat.

You should not do it, instead, go for keeping the straps flat. Now, take the straps opposite end and then take them underneath the crossbar. For the straps, you have to open one slot of the buckle. The strap will go through it.

After this, pull it towards you tightly. And then, tighten the buckle as much as you can! Now, tying the extra part of the straps is required. For this, roll it first so that you can secure the voyage.

Roof Rack Upside Down

Wrap Up

Once you are done with the kayak on your roof rack, you can start the journey. Check and double-check if the kayak is strapped properly. Also, if you do not roll up and tie the additional part of the strap, it will move and damage the body of your vehicle.

Don’t forget to comment below on how you transport and prepare your kayak on roof rack upside down. And also, tell you if any extra security is needed!

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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