How to Load Kayak on J Rack by Yourself? Step by Step

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Kayaking is fun and all with a splash of water on the hot summer afternoons! But taking your kayak to the sea can be trouble if you are not on a tourist spot.

But, it gets tougher if you are alone! And this is why you must learn how to load kayak on J rack by yourself! Keep in mind that you need a lot of energy to do it!

Here are some easy steps that will help you load your vehicle with the kayak and then you can start your journey with peace!

load kayak on J rack

Step by Step Easy J-Rack Loading

Never worry much about how you can kayak on the J rack when you are alone! These easy steps will be your savior!

Step 1: The Kayak Placement on the Ground

Most people often avoid that the Kayak setting is necessary when it comes to the J-rack. So, your first job will be to place the kayak on the ground and then get it prepared. When you are loading, if the kayak is placed in a secure position, there will be fewer movements and you can easily add the rack. If the kayak is not in an advantageous position, there is a chance of your kayak dropping. Also, you can lose the grip of the kayak!

So, to avoid all sorts of accidents, place the kayak on the ground keeping the face-up. Once it is ready, you can start adding the J-rack and load it!

Step 2: Straps to Secure

Now, it is time to secure the kayak on the j-racks so that it doesn’t fall. For this, get your hands on some straps first. All you need is two straps for one j-rack. In the case of the second set of j-rack, more straps are required. With the second set, you can easily add another kayak to the j-rack and carry both.

Get hood quality straps first and also make sure that they are strong enough to hold the kayak. If you are a pro, you can also plan to place the straps on their position even before you take the kayak above your vehicle. And it is easy to bring the straps from the sides and add them there.

First, you have to take the straps up and over the device. And then, you have to go down to the lower side of the rack and add them there. The best thing you can do is take the strap down and below the crossbar. Yes, we are talking about the crossbar where the rack is added.

After setting the straps properly, you have to tighten them carefully. Pull them towards you and tighten them down. If you do not want to put so much work here, you can simply purchase some cable lock and you are ready with the straps done.

Step 3: Side Loading vs. Rear Loading

The next step on how to load kayak on J-rack by yourself is nothing but loading. But always remember that loading in the proper manner is necessary. In some cases, people start loading the kayak from the above or the front. And in either case, the side loading is also popular. You can do the one you like!

Side Loading

Yes, loading it from the side is possibly the easiest way to load it! As you have no helping hand, if you load it from the side, you can easily hold it without losing the grip. On the contrary, if you have a friend to help you out, this process gets even easier!

  • For this, you have to lift the kayak from the side and then lift it first. Make sure you lift it carefully with your muscle power.
  • After lifting, you need to rotate the kayak towards you. Slowly, you will go up with the kayak and you have to rotate it towards you. If you are a small paddler, this can be a little tough for you. The maneuvering is difficult but it can be done if you put in a little more effort.
  • However, if you have a friend to help you, the taller one should add the channel of the rack first and the shorter one can go second. If one end of the kayak is set, the first person that has added the kayak to the channel can swing to the opposite end. And then add the other end to the channel of the J-style racks.

Rear Loading

Another thing you can do when it comes to loading the kayak is to load it from the back. Yes, if you are playing alone, this can be the safest way to load the kayak. In the case of heavy kayaks, loading from the rear can be a safe solution. But make sure you get a heavy kayak roof rack for these boats. If you have a kayak that is too long, it can also be helpful in that case.

  • As you are ready with the placed on the ground facing up, firstly, you need to work with the bow. The bow is located behind the bumper of your car. You must add some pads below the stern of your kayak to safety on both sides. The stern will stay out of damage in this case. Remember that you have to take the bow up and then add it into the J-rack’s channel. In this case, protection of the stern is highly necessary. For loading, the lifters, rollers, saddlers, etc. kayak load assist for J rack can help you when you are alone.
  • Here, you are going to slide the device forward, first, lift the bow, and then you can add the pads a little forward to the stern. Now that the bow is securely placed in the rack’s channel, you can swing around and get your hands on lifting the stern.
  • While lifting, you have to push it a little forward. And slowly, you have to start rotating the kayak. Be slow and study while you do it. As a result, the gunwale will fit into the rack’s channel.

Yes, you need to work on your power and force when you take the kayak upwards and load it. If you follow this method, there is less chance of your kayak sliding off from the car.

Wrap Up

So, guys, your kayak is ready on top of your vehicle! All you need now is to fill your vehicle with loads of food and then start the voyage! You can friends for a kayak ride or you can go for a solo ride too!

Enjoy your summer with perfect kayak rides and never worry about how to take your kayak to the sea! All you need is a J-rack and learn how to load the kayak on J rack by yourself! You are all set, let’s go kayaking!

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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