DIY Kayak Storage Box

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Are you tired of seeing your kayak take up valuable space in your garage or yard? A DIY kayak storage box is the perfect solution for storing your kayak safely and securely. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of building a storage box that is tailor-made for your kayak, and we’ll also provide you with some tips for maintaining and caring for your new storage solution. So, let’s dive in and get started!

diy kayak storage box

Materials and Tools

Before we begin, let’s gather the necessary materials and tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plywood sheets
  • 2×4 lumber
  • Waterproof wood glue
  • Screws and nails
  • Hinges
  • Weatherproof paint or sealant
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush

Choosing the Right Design

There are a few different designs to consider when building your DIY kayak storage box. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Horizontal Storage

This design is perfect for those who prefer to store their kayaks flat. It features a long, low-profile box with built-in storage racks to hold your kayak horizontally.

Vertical Storage

A vertical storage box allows you to store your kayak upright, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space. This design includes a tall box with built-in racks to support the kayak vertically.

Wall-Mounted Storage

If you’re short on floor space, a wall-mounted storage box might be the answer. This design features a box that attaches to the wall, with built-in racks for securing your kayak.

Building the Box

Now that you’ve chosen your design, it’s time to start building your DIY kayak storage box. Follow these steps:

Cutting the Wood Pieces

Using your saw, carefully cut the plywood and 2×4 lumber to the dimensions required for your chosen design. Measure twice and cut once to ensure accuracy.

Assembling the Box

Begin assembling the box by attaching the plywood pieces to the 2×4 lumber using wood glue and screws. Ensure that the corners are square and the edges are flush. Use a level to confirm that the box is even.

Attaching the Lid

Next, attach the hinges to the lid and the box. Position the hinges evenly to ensure the lid opens and closes smoothly. Double-check that the lid fits snugly and securely.

Weatherproofing and Finishing

To protect your storage box from the elements, apply a coat of weatherproof paint or sealant. Allow it to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, lightly sand the surface and apply a second coat for added protection.

Installing Storage Racks

With your box assembled and weatherproofed, it’s time to install the storage racks for your kayak. Choose from the following options based on your preferred design:

Horizontal Racks

For horizontal storage, install two parallel racks inside the box. Ensure they’re spaced apart according to the width of your kayak and secured to the box using screws.

Vertical Racks

For vertical storage, install two racks at a right angle inside the box. These racks should be spaced apart according to the height of your kayak and secured to the box using screws.

Wall-Mounted Racks

For wall-mounted storage, install two racks on the inside of the box, spaced apart according to the width of your kayak. Secure the racks to the box using screws, and ensure the box is securely mounted to the wall using appropriate wall anchors.

diy kayak storage box

Placing the Kayak

Once the storage racks are installed, carefully place your kayak in the box. Ensure that the kayak is securely supported by the racks and that the lid closes properly.

Maintenance and Care

To keep your DIY kayak storage box in top condition, perform regular maintenance and care:

  • Check for any signs of wear or damage, especially on the hinges and racks.
  • Clean the box periodically to remove dirt, debris, and any moisture.
  • Inspect the weatherproofing and reapply paint or sealant as needed.
  • Keep the area around the storage box clear to prevent damage or accidents.


What type of plywood should I use for a DIY kayak storage box?

Marine-grade plywood is the best choice for outdoor projects like a kayak storage box. It’s resistant to moisture and rot, ensuring a longer-lasting storage solution.

Can I add additional features to my storage box, such as locks or handles?

Absolutely! You can customize your storage box with locks, handles, or any other features that will make it more functional and secure for your needs.

Is it possible to build a storage box for multiple kayaks?

Yes, you can design a larger storage box with multiple racks to accommodate more than one kayak. Just ensure you have enough space and adjust the dimensions accordingly.

How can I ventilate my kayak storage box to prevent mold and mildew?

You can add ventilation holes or slits in the box to promote airflow and reduce moisture buildup. Just be sure to cover the openings with mesh or screens to keep pests out.

Do I need any special skills or experience to build a DIY kayak storage box?

While some woodworking experience is helpful, even beginners can tackle this project with a bit of patience and careful planning. Make sure you have the necessary tools and materials, and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide.


Building a DIY kayak storage box is a practical and cost-effective solution for keeping your kayak safe and secure. With the right design, materials, and elbow grease, you can create a custom storage box that meets your specific needs. Remember to perform regular maintenance to ensure the longevity of your storage solution.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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