Lifetime vs Pelican Kayak – In-Detail Comparison

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In the kayak industry, both lifetime and pelican are two of the most sophisticated ones. These two kayak companies are providing many strong and efficient kayaks for a long time. You need to choose between these two and purchase one within your affordable range.

That’s why it’s essential to gain knowledge about the lifetime vs pelican kayak. Both these kayaks are built with sturdy materials and come with catchy designs. You can use these kayaks, from fishing to casual riding. In every case, both kayaks are capable of serving well for a more extended period.

lifetime vs pelican kayak

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Differences Between the Key Features of Pelican and Lifetime Kayak

We’ll talk about the features of both these kayak brands and compare them. But before that, let’s take a look at their key features difference:

ContentLifetime KayakPelican Kayak
ConstructionHigh-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and UV protectionRam-x, poly-XR, and firm plastic materials  
Cockpit Type Small and snug cockpit for enhanced gripLarger and loose space  
Max Weight CapacityUp to 300 lbs. and the larger one has a bit more capacityNot more than 275 lbs.  
PaddleSturdy paddle with aluminum shaftPlastic paddle
Seat DesignAdjustable seat and backrestComfortable seat cushion with backrest
Warranty5 years limited warranty1-year limited warranty

Lifetime vs Pelican Kayak – In-detail Comparison

To decide the winner between the lifetime kayak and pelican kayak, let’s have a detailed discussion about them.

lifetime vs pelican kayak

Lifetime Kayak

The lifetime kayaks come in various sizes starting from 8-feet long to 16-feet long. In the toughest currents and waves, the sturdy built-materials help the kayak to stay strong. These lifetime kayaks come with a body made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It also has the UV protection layer, which prevents color fading, cracks, and splits.

The small and snug cockpit ensures more grip while paddling the lifetime kayak. You will also get better control and balance with a lifetime kayak, and paddle faster to generate more speed. The lifetime kayaks have more storage compounds with a higher weight capacity up to 325 lbs.

You can carry more accessories in these kayaks, and also go fishing for a longer time. The paddle that comes with a lifetime kayak is sturdy and has aluminum shafts. It helps to cut through the water more swiftly and generates a higher speed. The adjustable seat with backrest provides much comfort during paddling times.

The kayaks from lifetime also have multiple footrest positions for enhanced comfort. You will also get 5 years of limited warranty from the kayaks of this brand.

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) body
  • Multiple foot resting positions 
  • Larger capacity
  • The paddle comes with an aluminum shaft
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat and backrest
  • Smaller cockpit

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Pelican Kayak

The pelican kayaks also come with a sturdy body because of the built materials like ram-x, poly-XR, and firm plastic. These materials in the body always protect the skin and act as a shield to avoid leakage. Solid-body construction will improve longevity and help to stay stable in the strong waves and currents.

A larger cockpit may lack grip but provides enough space to sit and paddle comfortably. The lightweight pelican kayaks can generate more speed compared to the lifetime kayaks. For doing so, the pelican has sacrificed a bit of storage capacity, which is up to 275 lbs. You will get a nice and smooth paddling experience because of the plastic paddles.

The seat has comfortable cushioning and an adjustable backrest to enhance comfort.

  • Ram-x, poly-XR, and firm plastic body
  • Leakage avoiding coating
  • Larger sitting space
  • Comfortable seat cushioning and adjustable backrest
  • More speed
  • Less storage capacity
  • Less durable plastic paddle

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Which Brand to Choose?

Which Brand to Choose

Both lifetime and pelican are the finest kayak brands, and there is no complete winner. The pelican kayaks are super lightweight, and you can use them for professional surfing. You will get much comfort while surfing with these kayaks because of the comfortable seat

If you are looking for a durable kayak with a proper dimensional design, lifetime kayaks are the go-to ones. You can buy it if you want a kayak with more storage capacity, and these kayaks are easy to use.


You can use kayaks for fishing, surfing, or other casual water activities. Both the lifetime and pelican kayaks come with the sturdy body to survive in the toughest conditions. Based on your necessity, you will require choosing one of these kayak brands for use.

But before that, gaining knowledge about the key features and differences of lifetime vs pelican kayak is a must. Both these kayaks are the finest ones in the market. You can go for any of them, and a long-term service with higher performance is guaranteed.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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