How to Dry Out your Inflatable Kayak

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Kayaking makes us fun on the water. But drying an inflatable kayak could be a matter of hassle for you when you finish your trip. You will be glad to know that it’s not any tricky task to dry and clean an inflatable kayak. Moreover, it will help you remove any sand, rocks, and gravel from the inside of the kayak.

However, if you want to make your kayak dry and clean, you should know how to dry out your inflatable kayak properly. Unless it lets the mold and mildew build-up on your kayak, we are going to help you describe the ways for drying out an inflatable kayak in this article below.

It’s an easy task to dry an inflatable kayak. You do this effortlessly following the steps described below.

How to Dry Out your Inflatable Kayak

Drying Your Inflatable Kayak

You should dry your inflatable kayak after ending the tour. Follow the below-mentioned methods for drying the kayak. These ways will help you much to dry the kayak easily.

Process-1: You can leave the kayak sitting under the sun for a while. But it’s only possible to follow this process only on a sunny day with enough time.

Process-2: This process is a bit different from the first one. You should follow this if you don’t have enough time for sitting around to relax. Take two towels and leave those in the car. Then use these to dry your kayak completely. Follow these steps-

Step-1: Remove the kayak seats and bags.

Step-2: Start drying the outer surface of the kayak using the towels, keeping it inflated.

This process works very well and easy if you can do this properly.

Step-3: Tip the kayak sideways after deflating the floor to drain the excess water out from the inside. Another way of doing it by putting the kayak upside down. Then clear out the rest of the debris like sands, rocks, gravel, etc., using the towel.

If you see sands and gravels are still there, then don’t be panic. These will clear out once the kayak dries completely.

Step-4: After that, deflate the rest part of your kayak. Then soak up the excess moisture using the towel. Thou it will take a little bit of time, but you will get a clean and dry kayak.

Step-5: Now, it’s time to dry the underneath. Take the towel and dry the place using it.

Once you have followed all the steps, your kayak is completely dry. Now you can store that easily. These processes will also help you for drying advanced elements kayaks. 

How dry is Dry Enough?

Your kayak may remain wet depending on the weather condition of your living area. If you are living in a humid climate area, then some moisture might remain on the kayak. But you should dry the kayak entirely if you will store this for a long time. Also, it needs to be mold or mildew preventive.

Proper time management is essential for drying a kayak. You can dry your kayak naturally on a sunny, relaxing day. But it will consume more time on other days. You should be much careful about drying the kayak to prevent the mold problem. Otherwise, your kayak will get damage.

Your kayak will dry completely if you leave it under natural sunlight. In fact, it is considered the best way to dry a kayak. Moreover, to prevent mildew build-up folding up the kayak is also important for storing.

Applying a Finish to Your Inflatable Kayak

nflatable Kayak

You can dry your inflatable kayak following the methods mentioned above. But, if you are not still satisfied, you can go for another option. You will find some finishing products for inflatable boats. These can effectively protect your kayak from any discoloration or Ultraviolet rays of the sun.

If you use a finisher on the kayak, it will help you maintain its shine and appearance. It can also remove any kind of unsightly scratches.

Applying the finish is not so tough. You can do this using just a soft cloth. Take the cloth at start buffing the finisher on circular motions. Leave your kayak under the sunlight and let it dry after applying the polish. Then go for buffing it out using another soft cloth.

How Dry Does Your Kayak Need to Be?

It depends on the usage of the kayak. If you go paddling once per week using the inflatable kayak, you should not be paranoid about the moisture. However, it doesn’t matter how long you are kayaking, but your kayak should be dry completely as soon as you have ended. It will help you enough to prevent mold and mildew from growing up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

kayak faq

How Can You Dry Your Kayak?

A kayak can be dry in two ways. The first one is to leave the kayak under the sunlight. And the second process is to dry this using two pieces of cloth or towel.

How to Get the Water out From an Inflatable Tube?

Drain the water out from the main pool. If it’s not possible to do this, just shut the blower off. Then deflate the kayak to get the water out. Re-inflate the kayak once the water is completely out from the main pool.

Can You Leave Your Inflatable Kayak in Inflated Condition?

It is very much comfortable to store an inflatable kayak. AN inflatable kayak doesn’t need much space. But it needs a dry and cool place to store. You can leave it inflated. It won’t be good to leave it inflated for a longer time.

Final Words

Inflatable kayaks are very much easy to operate and clean. It gets wet when you go for a drive on the water. And you should dry it properly after using. If you don’t dry your inflatable kayak properly, the mold and mildew will easily build up in your kayak.

Drying an inflatable kayak is not so tough. You can do it easily in a natural way or manual. We have discussed both ways briefly in this article. Follow these steps properly, and you can dry your inflatable kayak easily.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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