Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak Reviews (Features & Specs)

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There is nothing more satisfying than fishing in a Pacific lake or river. No disturbing sounds or roar of the engine; it is a dream of every person to leave civilization for a day.

Unfortunately, this dream is easily achievable in sleep, not in reality, because many anglers visit the popular rivers and streams like you. In fact, your dream will come true unless you put all your fishing gear in your boat and cast it away to a remote area.

You can do that with an inflatable fishing kayak. Since any trip can become memorable with the beloved persons, enjoy a kayaking trip with Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak.

This kayak has many other features which will simply amaze you.

We will look into a more detailed discussion on this Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak reviews.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

What Makes the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak Stand Out

If you are looking for a 2-person kayak, this Sevylor Coleman Kayak is undoubtedly the right choice for you. It is designed in such a way so that the user feels safe while enjoying paddling. At the same time, it is best for fishing also.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak
Product Measurement:10.9” (L) X 3.3” (W)
Weight:41 lbs. (at deflating position)
Load Capacity:470 lbs. (2-person)
Materials:840D Nylon Cover and 1000D Tarpaulin Bottom
Construction:18-gauge PVC (ideal for lake use)
Design:Flat Hull Design
Air Chambers:Multi Air Chambers
Warranty:1 Year Warranty
The Sevylor Coleman Kayak offers numerous benefits;it is best used for specific reasons. Let’s look at the more in-depth discussion about this 2-person kayak.


This kayak’s usability is the most satisfying feature. First, you will not face trouble inflating the kayak. Moreover, paddling, deflating is also straightforward. Due to its compact size, after deflating, it can be stored in a safe place quite conveniently.

It offers the best performance in calm waters of lakes, rivers or bays. Additionally, you can comfortably paddle it in strong waters. As stated earlier, this is a fishing kayak that is also best for recreational use.

Lightweight & Portability

The kayak weighs only 41 lbs., making it easy to transport the kayak. You will also love to know that it can easily be packed into the patented carrying bag and then carry it wherever you need.

Don’t worry about carrying it if you need to walk a long distance to reach the lake for kayaking. When this kayak is inflated, you will find built-in handles that make transportation much easier than other kayaks.

Testing Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak.


The inflation process is extremely simple, which will take only 10 minutes. It is possible due to the double-threaded valve and the included pressure gauge. Correct inflation is significantly essential because unexpected things can happen due to the wrong inflation process when you are in the middle of the water. Who doesn’t want to avoid unexpected things?

All you need to do so, buy a 12V pump. Also, make sure, before inflating, attach the included tracking fin.


The deflation process requires a little bit more time than inflation, and it is tricky. Follow the below points when deflating the kayak.

  • First, rinse the kayak and ensure proper drying. Give it an air dry, don’t follow any other drying process.
  • Second, if the kayak is used in saltwater, rinse it using freshwater.
  • Third, don’t expose the rubberized area of the kayak to direct sunlight. The bottom stretching can become weak if the kayak is exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period.
  • Finally, after drying, deflate it, fold it accurately, and store it in the carrying bag.

Isn’t the process so simple?

Load Capacity

Are you planning to go on a kayak trip with your beloved ones and thinking which kayak will be the best? Don’t look further; buy this kayak, sail away in a desolate river or lake, enjoy your moments together with your family, friends, wife, or girlfriend.

Its maximum weight capacity is 470 lbs. and comes with 2 seat options. 2 average-sized paddlers can easily accommodate into this kayak as well as they can carry light fishing gears. To store the gears, you will find pockets on the seatbacks; on the sides, mesh pockets are available, and for attaching gears, D-rings are also there.

The seats are pretty small for a heavy person.


The kayak is pretty stable on the water. It is speedy and moves fast. Moreover, the kayak is easy to maneuver. Even with 2 people along with their gear on board, this kayak doesn’t feel tippy.

A paddler will not face any problem keeping the kayak’s face straight during a wind. It drifts by catching the wind. Overall, it is a wide and long kayak that is easy to control.

It is one of the best kayaks for fishing due to its design, maneuverability, and stability feature. It silently and swiftly glides through the water and doesn’t disturb the paddler when fishing. The more important thing is; the seat comes with an adjustability feature allowing you to modify the seat position according to your preference.

Paddles are secured because of the paddle holders. If required, a trolling motor can also be attached to make more fun of your fishing session.


You will be simply amazed with the kayak’s construction. It is made from 840D Nylon Cover and 1000D Tarpaulin Bottom, making it a much durable kayak that is promised to become your companion in many kayaking sessions. This kayak is exceptionally safe. Also, no-spill will happen due to the Airtight System.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak reviews
What did we like Most?
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Puncture-proof material
  • Several air chambers
  • Easy inflate and deflate process
  • Simple storage option with transportability feature
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Multiple rod holders
  • You can install a trolling motor if necessary
  • Much spacious for 2 average-sized people
  • Adjustable seat position
  • Carrying bag, tracking fin, and pressure gauge is available upon buying the kayak
What Could Be Better?
  • The seat backrests are unsupportive
  • A few customers said that they feel discomfort when seated for long hours
  • Not so fast
  • Unsuitable for coastal conditions

Full Stop

From this Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-person fishing kayak review, you have understood that it is a suitable and ideal kayak for those who want to go in a kayaking session with the beloved ones or a group of people.

Many customers like its easy setup process along with the storage feature. Since it is easy to use, has rugged construction, many paddlers prefer it for their next kayaking session.

Although it has a few drawbacks, with impressive features, the disadvantages can be overlooked. Take advantage of the unique features and make your kayaking session enjoyable and memorable.

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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