Sit in Kayak Seat Replacement

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Kayak seats are usually comfortable. But if you are having any problem with the kayak seats, especially the seat is causing your body aches; you can search for a replacement. Or else, you can also buy a new kayak seat and upgrade!

Here, we will discuss sit-in kayak seat replacement and how you can make the seating facility more comfortable while kayaking!

Also, here are some tips on how you can purchase a new kayak seat and upgrade it to something better for your kayak days!

sit-in kayak seat replacements

Kayak Seat: More Comfort Within

Before purchasing a new seat you have, you can try out some replacements for the seat! Here are some ways to make your sit-in kayak more flexible! These sit-in kayak seat replacements can make a difference without a new seat!

You can replace the previous seat pad and add a new one that helps you paddle better than before! We recommend you check out the Pelican sit-in kayak seat upgrades that afford you more comfortable cushioning.

DIY Kayak Seat Upgrade for Kayak

More Pads

Pads can easily make the kayak comfortable. The more cushions the more comfort! Adding pads can help you sit comfortably. Inside the seat pads, there is gel. As your back needs additional cushioning, the gel will move and provide flexibility and comfort to the back.

Thigh Supports

Most of the kayaks have a short seat pan. Short seats can cause you thigh or leg-muscle pain. If you add inflatable thigh support, you can easily reduce the pain and get a comfortable seating position! If you get the seats that have a lifetime kayak seat upgrade available, you can anytime get the newer versions for your rides!

Back Tilt

Back tilt replacement to your kayak seat will allow you to easily lean on your back a bit while kayaking. In the case of your back pain, this can help you out. All your pressures will not be on your thigh if you add this one to the seat.

Knee and Foot Positions

In most cases, the knee and foot positions will help you sit comfortably. You can move the foot positions to the right, left, or center. Also, moving the knee and keeping your legs straight or folded is your choice! So, add this replacement to the seat for your betterment!

Height Adjustments

While fishing, the height of the seat is a factor. During kayak fishing, you can easily go up and down according to your preference and fish better. Also, moving your height according to your situation will help you relax your body.

Kayak Seat Upgrade

Lumbar Support

The first thing you should be worried about when it comes to Kayak seat replacement is to check the lumbar support. The chair that is perfect to provide you lumbar support is all you need to settle for!

If you are a person that loves kayaking but you are going through back pain, you will love a sit-in kayak seat replacement with lumbar support. While paddling, these seats will reduce the pain by providing you a comfortable and natural seating position.


In most cases, we like lightweight and small kayaks for solo paddling. But when it comes to taking the necessary gear and sitting comfortably, a seat that is too narrow can never be comfortable. And so, we always recommend you to settle for the kayak that has optimum seating space to sit comfortably.

However, if the kayak seat is too large, you might see that the kayak seat is not fitting! So, you have to keep the balance between the seat and the seating space with the kayak’s size.

Before you plan to purchase the seat replacement, you must measure the previous seat and the seating area of your kayak. In this way, you can learn which sized kayak will fit the area according to your desire.

Height and Storage

Adjustable chairs are the best option to settle for when you are planning to search for a replacement for your sit-in kayak’s seat. When you will continue kayaking, your kayaking will be improved. But if you plan to add new seats every time you see problems, you will end up wasting too much money on it!

For this, we recommend you going for a versatile kayak seat. Go for an adjustable seat. As a result, it will fit various paddling styles. Also, you can get suitable positions when you start kayaking in this way! Also, seats having additional storage space will save you a lot of space while traveling.

As it is a sit-in kayak, there will be a small space inside the kayak. So, you must keep an additional storage space with your seat so that you can keep the required gears there!

Wrap Up

Now you know how you can sit-in kayak seat replacements and make the kayak more flexible for the rides! All you need is to check what problem you are facing, the solution is always available!

Don’t forget to comment below on what helped you in choosing the right kayak seat and what replacements you have done so far!

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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