What to Do If Your Kayak Flips

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Kayaking is always a matter of fun. You can enjoy the scenic beauty floating on the water on kayaking. But it can lead to danger if the kayak flips over, and the kayak can flip in many ways. The most common reasons are strong currents, excessive weight of the kayak, and big waves. 

Though kayaks are designed with maximum stability for different conditions, they can flip over. Subsequently, you can fall into the water. It could be dangerous and throw you at life risk. That’s why; it’s essential to know what to do if your kayak flips. Many people don’t know properly about this problem. 

We are trying to help you to give up this tension. In this article, you will learn briefly what you should do if your kayak flips

what to do if your kayak flips

What to Do If Your Kayak Flips?

There are three matters that you should follow if your kayak flips. Let’s know the ways briefly.

The very first matter is to keep calm. You can re-enter your kayak quickly using the proper technique.

The second matter to follow is wearing a personal floatation device (PFD). It is an essential kayaking gear to carry. It doesn’t matter how far you’re paddling or how experienced you are. You should always wear a PFD. It will keep you floating if your kayak flips.

The third and last matter to follow is practice flipping then re-entering in the kayak again and again. And it would help if you did this in some calm and shallow water. You don’t need to wait for an emergency. If you practice this, it will help you increase the knowledge of what you should do when your kayak flips. As a result, you can quickly re-enter the kayak in an emergency.

Please choose those kayaks that don’t tip over. These three matters are the main principle about what to do if your kayak flips. It is the best way to re-enter the kayak based on the difference between the kayaks. 

 kayak flips

How to Re-enter into a Sit-On-Top Kayak

It’s very much easy to get entry or exit on a sit-on-top kayak. You won’t get stuck into the water in this kayak. There are some criteria to paddle safely and re-enter if you flip on a sit-on-top kayak.

1. Take a position on the middle of your kayak and sit upright.

2. Then boost your body to the top of your kayak. Then grab the opposite edge using the hands.

3. Then pull the kayak slowly to your body. Start rolling your kayak to the right side and side back to the water.

4. If you want to re-enter, take a position to the side of the kayak. Then boost yourself to the middle of the kayak until your whole body is positioned across the seat. 

5. Then ensure that you are in a stable position. After that, start twisting the body around until getting back to the seating position. 

6. As the kayak has no cockpit, you may carry little water into the kayak. 

sit-on-top kayak flips

Sit-inside Kayaks

The structure of a sit-inside kayak is a bit different from the sit-on-top kayak. It is also a little more challenging. But, you can make this easily doable kayak if you have enough practice with proper accessories. Some people are afraid of flipping over on sit-in kayaks. But the chance of getting trapped is meager. 

Place your hands in the opposite direction of the cockpit rim and push your body out to achieve the wet exit. There are two ways for capsized sit-inside kayak properly. Let’s learn those.

Method-1: It is the same as the sit-on-top kayak.

Step-1: Set up your position on the side of the kayak towards the middle of it.

Step-2: Boost the body on the top of the kayak. Then use your hands to grab the opposite edge.

Step-3: Slowly pull your kayak toward yourself, then roll it on the right side as you slide to the water.

Method-2: This method is to swim underneath the kayak. Then push the kayak quickly using a smooth motion. It requires a little bit of strength and could be challenging for some people. 

Step-1: Go to the rear side of the kayak to re-enter.

Step-2: Pull your body towards the top of your kayak using your hands. Kick into the water aggressively using your legs at that time.

Step-3: Move to the sitting position when your body comes to the rear side of the kayak. Spread your legs apart, hand one leg over the side of your kayak.

Step-4: Then scoot forward slowly. Continue this until you reach the position in the seat. Remember, balance is the key to this step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do kayaks flip over quickly?

Kayak is a safe water vehicle and could hardly tip over. If you tip over while paddling on a recreational kayak in calm water, it will be hard. Kayaking with an ultra-light kayak or a sea kayak has many risks of flipping. 

Can you fall out of a kayak?

No. Because the kayak has been designed in such a way so that it won’t flip. The type of your kayak and the water condition are the main factors of flipping a kayak. 

Final Words

Suppose it is very much possible to fall in an unpleasant situation while kayaking if your kayak flips. And the situation can fall you to life risk. Though kayaks are not designed to flip, it can happen if you carry excess weight or your kayak is hazy for solid current or large waves. The situation won’t bring happiness for you.

That’s why; you should know well what to do if your kayak flips and you fall into the water. Here, we have discussed what you should do if the kayak flips briefly. There indeed has no secondary option for practicing a lot. But you can deal with this unpleasant situation following the tips mentioned above. 

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As a amazon associate, We may receive a small commission If you buy through our link
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